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Ergan Mountain Ski Center Facilities

Porpuse Of Use Social Facility Service Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 245 m²
Project Year 2012
Region To Be Used Erzincan, Turkey
Completion Time 22 days
Currently 67 guests are viewing this project

Karmod continues to be at peak with the prefabricated building projects. It carried out a prefabricated social facility building project on the peak of Ergan Mountain, which has an altitude of nearly 3000 meters. 245 square meters-sized prefabricated social facility building has a feature of being the first building of the tourism center.

The Social Facility Building is designed within the scope of the Ergan Ski Center project Erzincan Governorship included in the investment budget in 2012. The budget of 100 million has been allocated according to 2012 year numbers for the needs like ski-runs, telphers, facility buildings. It was decided to build a social facility building to welcome the guests at the first phase of the Ski Center, biggest tourism investment of the Eastern Anatolia Region with its investment budget by Erzincan governorship. It is aimed to build a facility where local and foreign tourists can stay for one day with this building in a short time. The construction authority of the facility was given to the experienced brand of the sector, Karmod Prefabricated in line with the tender initiated by the Governorship.

Building a Social Facility at Peak Requires Expertise

Altitude above sea level of the facility located in foothills of Ergan mountain is 2970 metres. Summer lasts a short time in the region and the earth is snow covered at almost every day of the year. There are usually harsh weather conditions like wind and snow in the region where the facility is located. Building a social facility at such a extreme geography requires expertise. We delivered the prefabricated social facility building ready for use with special plans we made especially for the assembly phase of the project.

Our social facility building is one of the places visited daily by local and foreign tourists coming to the ski center for winter sports. The facility building built at Ergan mountain peak by Karmod expertise in harsh conditions will meet the daily rest needs of ski lovers. The facility is designed specially for the peak that has harshest winter conditions. At the entering, there is 150 square meters-size big saloon in the building. At the other sections, there are toilets for men and women, medical room, manager room and kitchen. Ergan Mountain Ski Center has the 2nd largest ski-run in the World with its 12 km-length. At the facility that serves as Winter Sports Tourism Center, there is a telpher line with a capacity of 1000 people per hour and a aerial tramway system with a capacity of 2700 people per hour.

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