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Senegal Mine Quarry Site Building Completed

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Canteen Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 488m²
Project Year 2012
Region To Be Used Dakar, Senegal
Completion Time 19 Days
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We established a prefabricated canteen building on the mining processing site in Senegal, located on the North Atlantic coast of West Africa. Our canteen building will be used by the employees of the mining business, which will extract titanium dioxide and zircon minerals by processing sand piles near Dakar on the coast.

The Most Rapidly Built Model in Durable Class is Prefabricated Building

Using new generation welding-free manufacturing techniques, prefabricated buildings with bolted and nested systems can be produced as demountable in very short times on technological lines. In pre-production, all materials related to the building, including wall blocks, steel roof trusses and covers, doors and windows, project-specific electrical installations and lighting fixtures, sanitary and waste clean water installation systems and fixtures, sinks, and other vitrified products, are prepared to be assembled only at the location where they will be shipped.

Our site buildings, which can be easily shipped demountable to the construction site where the project is located, can be quickly assembled in the shortest time compared to other building models by our regional teams and made ready for use. The prefabricated canteen building, which we built within the scope of this project and has a size of 488 m2, was installed in less than 20 days and made available for the workers to use.

The canteen building has a large dining hall where 850 people can eat at the same time. The hygiene conditions have been maintained at the best level, and the building cleaning has been greatly simplified with the tiles applied to the canteen floor. The building insulation is at the best level with special filled insulated wall panels, and the insulation has been further increased with the use of PVC windows with a double glass system. Inside the canteen building, there is also a pantry and kitchen area. In the part that connects the kitchen to the hall, there are distribution counters that open to the hall with movable windows for food presentation.

With the advantages provided by the new generation system, we continue to be the building choice of site mobilization projects in many countries around the world with our prefabricated buildings that significantly alleviate the budget burden of site buildings, along with rapid production and installation.

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