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Karmod Security Cabins Were Chosen in Europe's Largest Court of Justice

Porpuse Of Use Courthouse Security Cabins
Building Model Metropol Luxury Security Cabin
Number Of Buildings 16 Units
Project Year 2011
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 28 Days
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The luxurious Karmod Metropol cabins were chosen for the security booths of the Istanbul Justice Palace, which was completed and put into service in Çağlayan, Istanbul by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement in 2011.

When opened, the Istanbul Justice Palace, which is the largest courthouse in Europe in terms of size, is visited by an average of 45,000 people daily, with 5,000 judicial employees, 650 of whom are judges and 270 are prosecutors, performing their duties. There is a massive area of 343,000 m2 that needs to be secured in the Justice Palace, which is of utmost importance in terms of the role and service it provides. For this institution of such importance, Karmod's modern security cabin products were preferred for the need of a security booth.

Our security cabins, which offer usage ergonomics to the security personnel working in risky areas, were also chosen by another institution at the same time as the Çağlayan Justice Palace, the Bakırköy Courthouse. As part of the security booth project we specifically implemented for two significant courthouses in Istanbul, a total of 16 guard booths, 4 of them 200x200 cm, and 12 of them 150x150 cm, were manufactured ready for use and dispatched on the same day. 12 of the Metropol security cabins are used in the Istanbul Justice Palace, and 4 in the Bakırköy Courthouse.

Armoured Security Cabin for High-Security Duty Areas

We also produce Armoured Security Cabins for high-security duty areas, thanks to our expertise since 1986 and the technologies we have for preparing security structures. Our Armoured Guardhouse models have passed the necessary tests and have undergone a security test against BR7 armor-piercing bullets. The Armoured Cabin, which has a bulletproof body and glass system within the Metropol cabin concept, is particularly recommended for high-security points and terror regions where full personnel security is required.

The Armoured Security Cabin is designed to provide a maximum viewing angle from three sides and has safety shooting loopholes placed on the glass on three sides to instantly respond to possible attacks. The door of the Armoured Cabin is also bulletproof, and a viewing area has been left on the door from bulletproof glass. There is a siren and lighting lamp on the Armoured Guardhouse, which is activated in case of a possible attack.

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