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Normandy Cemetery Memorial and Security Cabins for American Cemeteries

Porpuse Of Use Security Cabins for American Cemeteries across Europe
Building Model Prekast Kabin
Number Of Buildings 20 Units / 150x150
Total Area 45 m2
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Normandy, France
Completion Time Ready Concept Production
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Security Cabins for American Cemeteries in Europe

Memorial Monuments for American Soldiers who died during World War II were erected in various European countries, especially in France, to honor their memory. With its design that is in line with the historical concept, Karmod Security Cabin was preferred for the use of security personnel working to protect American cemeteries across Europe.

Security Cabin that Caught President Trump's Attention

Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, visited the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial during his visit to France, dedicated to the American soldiers who died during World War II. During his visit, President Trump noticed a security cabin that caught his attention. He sought information from his advisor and learned that the cabin in question is a security cabin manufactured by Karmod. The specific cabin was previously designed and produced by Karmod's France Office as a precast cabin system recommended for use in the cemetery. President Trump emphasized that this unique design of the security cabin is a fitting choice for the personnel working in these significant cemeteries, as it pays tribute to the memory of the fallen soldiers. He instructed for the use of this security cabin in American cemeteries throughout Europe.

Karmod Security Cabins for 20 American Cemeteries across Europe

Acting upon President Trump's instructions, officials took action and decided to use Karmod Security Cabins in 20 separate cemeteries throughout Europe where American military personnel and citizens are laid to rest. Orders were placed, and Karmod quickly manufactured the security cabins, tailored for the exclusive use of a single person, and transported them to France and various other countries in Europe via road transportation.

With their elegant design, the security cabins, measuring 150x150 and designed specifically for the use of personnel, immediately stand out in their placement. The cream-colored main body paint and anthracite-colored aluminum door windows create a beautiful concept.

First Security Cabin for Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

The production of the first security cabin for the project of American cemeteries and memorials in Europe was carried out for the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.

The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial is located on a rocky area overlooking the English Channel, near Omaha Beach, one of the military landing beaches of the Normandy Invasion. The historical significance of the cemetery dates back to June 8, 1944, when a temporary cemetery was established in France as a resting place for the first casualties from the U.S. Army during World War II. The current cemetery and memorial site were subsequently established in close proximity to the original cemetery, just east of it, after the war.

Spanning an area of 172.5 acres, the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial houses the remains of American soldiers who lost their lives primarily during the Normandy invasion and the subsequent events of World War II. According to records, 9,388 American soldiers who were killed during this period are buried in the cemetery. Additionally, the graves of the crew members of an American Air Force plane that crashed in France in 1942, along with four American nurses, are also located here. According to the records of the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial is the most visited cemetery, attracting approximately one million visitors annually.

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