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Prefabricated School for Refugees, Jordan

Porpuse Of Use Prefabricated School Building for Syrian Refugees
Building Model Prefabricated Panel System
Number Of Buildings 6
Total Area 432 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Jordan
Completion Time 14 Days
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Prefabricated School for The Education Of Syrian Children In Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan

We delivered the prefabricated school building project for the education of Syrian children to Zaatari Refugee Camp. The camp is 10 kilometers east of Jordan and 20 percent of those in the camp are children under the age of 5. The prefabricated school project, built in a modern style with the new generation prefabricated building model, has a very important function considering the educational buildings needed in the camp. About 80 thousand refugees live in difficult conditions in Zaatari camp, which is mostly women and children, and 32 small schools, mostly tents, are inadequate for the education of nearly 20 thousand students. Many children who have reached the age of basic education due to the lack of school buildings are deprived of the opportunity to receive an education.

With the advantage of the new generation prefabricated building system, we have installed 6 school buildings in a short period of 14 days and have brought them into the education of Syrian refugee children. Nearly 300 students will be able to receive education at the same time in the prefabricated school buildings with a total size of 432 m2 in Zaatari Camp, which is one of the biggest camps where Syrian refugees live in Jordan. In our school project for Syrian refugees, 4 buildings of 42 square meters and 2 buildings of 132 square meters were set up.

The prefabricated school buildings we set up in the Zaatari camp in Jordan for the education of Syrian children have long-lasting school comfort with their good insulation and ergonomic classrooms. Another important feature of our school buildings is that they can be set up ready for use in a short time.

Prefabricated Ready-Made Schools Are the Best Solution for International Aid Organizations in Educational Aid

Prefabricated school buildings are the best building solution for international aid organizations targeting school and educational aid projects, with prominent advantages such as modern building style, good insulation in hot or cold camp environments, fast production, and installation advantage.

According to UNICEF reports, 4.3 million Syrian children are currently deprived of their education rights due to the civil war. In the same report, it is stated that the number of children of school age living outside the country is estimated at 730 thousand. The countries with the highest number of Syrian Refugees are Turkey and Jordan.

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