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S Logistics Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Office Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 158 m2
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used İstanbul – Türkiye
Completion Time 5 Days
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S Logistics expands its service network with its new office building

One of the Solmaz Group companies, S Sistem Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş. continues to expand its service network with the prefabricated office building built by Karmod. The in Arnavutköy based firm has added Beylikdüzü to its operational areas with its new office building.

Logistics operations will be carried out in the new office building

S Lojistik will conduct its regional operations from its new office building in Beylikdüzü. The office building, in which the panel system prefabricated building model is used, has a size of 158 m². The installation of the office building, the pre-production of which was carried out in modern facilities, was completed in a short time like 5 days by Karmod expert teams.

Entrance to the logistics office building is provided from the middle part of the narrow facade. At the entrance, there is a large study hall of 62 m². In this part, the logistics team of the company manages the planning and activities. There are four separate rooms on the right and left in the corridor that continues from the middle part of the study hall to the back. It is used by the logistics office manager from the rooms. The other two offices belong to other working staff. The room, which is smaller than the others, was used for archival purposes. There are two separate WC units, one for men and one for women. On the right, there is a kitchen of thr size 12 m².

Prefabricated office installation is 70 percent faster

With its long-lasting building model and high-rise safety, the prefabricated office is becoming more and more popular for the needs of different sectors. Production and construction speed are also important factors in the preference of prefabricated office buildings. The prefabricated structure has the advantage of at least 70 percent faster installation compared to traditional reinforced concrete style building models. The most important reason for this is that my prefabricated building system is prepared with pre-production in modern production facilities. Prefabricated structures produced with bolts, nuts and plug-in systems without the use of welding have the fastest installation in the field. For example, the total installation time of the 158 m² office building prepared within the scope of the project is 5 days. This period represents a time period that will never be reached in terms of other building models.

S Logistics Services A.Ş. is Turkey's first company offering integrated logistics service

Operating under Solmaz Group, S Sistem Logistics Services has been serving in the logistics sector since 1999. Its fields of activity include Bonded Warehouse Operation, International Transport, Domestic Transport, Bonded Transit Transport and Logistics Storage services. S Logistics Services is Turkey's first company to offer integrated logistics services and is among the pioneers of innovation in the logistics sector with its first private warehouse operation serving airlines and the first intercity scheduled customs transit transportation service.

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