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Regnum Carya Hotel, Antalya

Porpuse Of Use Facility Toilets
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 2 Building, 57 m²
Total Area 114 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Antalya, Turkey
Completion Time 4 Days
Currently 45 guests are viewing this project

Special Prefabricated WC Buildings for Belek Regnum Carya Hotel

We have constructed special prefabricated WC buildings for the Belek Regnum Carya Hotel located in Antalya, one of the capitals of tourism. Two separate prefab toilet buildings, each 57 square meters in size, were put into service at the Carya Golf Club, which is located within the hotel's facility along with the main buildings.

Two structures were put into service in four days

The installation of the prefab WC structures, each containing three separate toilet units, was completed in a short period of four days. One of the toilet buildings provided a solution to an important need at the Carya Golf Club, where international golf tourism management is conducted on the hotel campus. The other building was placed in the garden next to the accommodation buildings and will be used by guests during international events such as weddings held at the hotel.

The modern designed and quickly installed WC buildings will meet an important need at the Belek Regnum Carya Hotel. Luxury concept toilet unit and accessories were used in the toilet units. The production of WC units, specially designed for hotel use with Karmod's expertise, was carried out with the prefabricated building model in modern facilities. Two separate buildings, transported to Belek by a special vehicle in demounted form, were installed in four days by Karmod professionals. After the building installation, mineral plaster was applied on the special insulated prefabricated walls. The roof of the WC building was designed with a single-slope to allow raindrops to collect at the back. A parapet was applied in the opposite direction to complement the design at the front of the buildings. There are three separate hand washing units and accessories such as mirrors at the entrance to the building. Transition to three separate toilet cabins is provided from the washbasin salon.

Aesthetic solution to toilet problem in outdoor events

With the Karmod prefabricated WC choice, a practical and aesthetic toilet solution was brought to the outdoor event areas of the Belek Regnum Carya Hotel. The WC structures also solved the toilet building problem of the Carya Golf Club, one of the important golf courses according to international standards.

Regnum Carya Hosted the G-20 Summit

The Regnum Carya Hotel, operating under the Öztürk Group since the early 1980s, was founded by Fikret Öztürk. Regnum Carya hosted the G-20 World Leaders Summit, one of the world's important meetings held in Turkey in 2015. Öztürk Companies Group, which has served as an important actor in international golf tourism management for many years, directed its experience and knowledge towards hotel management by opening Regnum Carya.

The interior design of the hotel was designed by the Arketipo architecture office, which is famous for its domestic and international projects, and was implemented by Mert Yanpal's interpretation.

Regnum Carya has set its mission to leave unforgettable memories in the lives of our guests by combining luxury with elegance, simplicity, and nature in peaceful and enjoyable environments that we have created for guests of different cultures and ages.

Accommodation at Regnum Carya

Regnum Carya Hotel offers accommodation services in 13 different categories in three separate series, two of which are in the main building and the other is in the villa concept. The 'Jade' series has six different room arrangements in the main building. Likewise, the 'Pearl Rooms' category contains three separate room concepts in the same building. In the villas, accommodation services are offered to families and groups of 6 to 12 people under the brand names Sapphıre Villa, Emerald Villa, Tiara Villa, and Crown Villa.

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