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Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital - Epidemic Fight Polyclinic Building

Porpuse Of Use Covid-19 Prediagnosis and Diagnosis Polyclinic
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 221 m2
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Küçükçekmece, İstanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 6 Days
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Prefabricated Polyclinic Buildings for the fastest fight against the pandemic

The corona virus pandemic, which increased its effect in Turkey as of March 2020 along with the whole world, caused fear and anxiety in all of us. Early diagnosis was of great importance in the fight against the disease. Because it was possible to reduce the effect of the virus, which spread rapidly from person to person and to get rid of it completely with protection. Therefore, early diagnosis was the most important measure of the COVID19 pandemic process. Another important point in the fight against the epidemic was the separation of diagnosis and diagnosis areas from the general population of people. Pandemic services provided in the main buildings of hospitals in the same environment with other patients constituted one of the most important risks for public health. For this reason, most hospitals needed additional structures to provide COVID19 diagnosis and diagnostic services in a safe environment.

 Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital in Küçükçekmece Istanbul formed one of the hospitals that went for a solution with this awareness. When the epidemic first appeared in Turkey in March 2020, the hospital management made a quick decision. This was the decision to establish a separate polyclinic building in the most suitable area in the hospital garden for the safest fight against the epidemic. With this decision, the hospital management contacted Karmod and started the construction process of the pandemic polyclinic building. The project, which was clarified at the beginning of April, was completed before the middle of the month after the approval. The installation of the prefabricated polyclinic building, which was built on the most suitable area in the hospital garden, was completed in a short time like 6 days and presented to the public. In the building, which was put into service as a pre-diagnosis and diagnosis polyclinic, tests were started in the central building without the risk of virus.

 The polyclinic building, which is based on safe service, has been planned in such a way that it can be entered from both sides. In order to minimize the risk by preventing crowding inside the building, waiting rooms were created in both directions. Risky citizens who registered from two separate points were again checked by doctors in 2 separate examination rooms. In the polyclinic building, there was a swab test room and a triage room where the medical intervention priorities of the patients were determined.

The fastest solution for pandemic and mobile hospitals is prefabricated hospitals

Prefabricated buildings, with the advantage of fast production and installation, have great convenience for the construction of hospital buildings that are urgently needed for the protection of human health. Hospital projects that take months or even years with classical methods such as reinforced concrete can be accelerated incredibly by using the prefabricated building model. As in the example of the project, outpatient clinic buildings or field hospitals that are urgently needed in the fight against the epidemic can be built rapidly.

Prefabricated hospital buildings, with their long-lasting system, can be evaluated in the provision of different polyclinic services in the post-epidemic periods. The prefabricated hospital, which is a safe place for the protection of general public health during the epidemic period, can be put into service for other branches in the normal period. It can be quickly converted for the same service again in possible epidemics.

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