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Park Mavera Construction Site Buildings

Porpuse Of Use Project Site Buildings
Building Model Container
Number Of Buildings Three-Story
Total Area 1336 m2
Project Year 2013
Region To Be Used Istanbul Turkey
Completion Time 7 Days
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Karmod Container: The Preferred Choice for Branded Residential Projects' Construction Sites

We have completed and delivered another construction site project with our branded container building system. The latest project is the Park Mavera residential and commercial office project, carried out in partnership between Akyapı and Makro İnşaat, under the organization of Emlak Konut GYO.

The construction site project for Park Mavera, located in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul, was realized using container structures. The construction site building, designed by combining 3x7 container units, is three stories high and has a total usable area of 1336 m2. A total of 54 container units were used in the construction site project.

The factory production of the units was completed in 3 days, while the on-site installation took 7 days. Once the units were ready, they were loaded onto trucks and transported to the project site. With the help of cranes, the containers were placed in their designated positions and connected by Karmod's expert team according to the project plan.

Park Mavera Container Construction Site Dormitory

The three-story container construction site building was converted into a dormitory facility. A total of 18 container units were used, including 14 dormitory rooms on each floor and 4 WC-shower containers. The container dormitory rooms, arranged with bunk beds, accommodate 4 workers in each room. The building houses a total of 42 bedrooms, accommodating 168 workers.

The layout of the WC-shower units was arranged according to ergonomic use. Accordingly, 1 WC and 1 shower container were positioned on both sides of the corridor. Each unit contains 7 WC cubicles and 7 shower cabins. Thus, there are a total of 14 toilets and 14 shower cabins on each floor.

About Park Mavera Project

Park Mavera is a mass housing and commercial office project located in the Başakşehir district, spanning an area of 60,000 square meters. In other words, the project site covers an area twice the size of Taksim Square. The project stands out with its distinction of being Turkey's first planned city square.

Situated in the Kayabaşı neighborhood of Başakşehir, Park Mavera is built on the land owned by Emlak Konut GYO. The project is carried out by the contracting firms Akyapı and Makro İnşaat.

Park Mavera, constructed in 8 blocks, comprises 672 residential units along with 338 commercial areas. The residential units cater to different needs and consist of three different apartment types: 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 floor plans.

Within the project square, which also shapes the public service buildings in Başakşehir, there is a botanical park spanning an area of 368,000 square meters. The surrounding area of the project includes Başakşehir National Garden, as well as Başakşehir Çam and Sakura Hospital, one of Istanbul's new prominent healthcare complexes. With its vast parking spaces, convention and exhibition center, sports facilities, a mosque accommodating 5,000 people, metro station, tramway, and İETT transportation network, Park Mavera stands among Turkey's exemplary mass housing projects.

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