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Panama Social Housing Project

Porpuse Of Use Housing
Building Model Light Steel House
Number Of Buildings 4 Housing Units
Total Area 281 m² (58 m² x3 ve 107 m²)
Project Year 2014
Region To Be Used Panama
Completion Time 24 Days
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Karmod steel houses, which offer high building safety along with rapid production and installation features, have started to be used in Panama, one of the countries in Central America.

Karmod steel houses, which provide a long-lasting and secure housing solution with their steel construction system, continue to attract interest in the Americas. Our latest housing project with the steel house model was completed in Panama. Taking into account the tropical climate characteristics of the country, the steel houses were specially prepared with a unique project and constructed in two different cities.

Two Different Models Of Steel Houses Were Preferred In The Project

Two different steel house models were chosen for installation in the cities of Penonome and Arraijan. The two-story steel construction house was built in Penonome, which is located in the geographical center of the country and also serves as the capital of Cocle province. On the other hand, three houses with a single-story prefabricated house model were installed in the city of Arraijan.

High Building Safety In Steel House

The steel house model, which is entirely based on a steel construction system, stands out with its high structural safety. The use of steel in the buildings allows for more secure static calculations, resulting in high-security steel houses. Prefabricated houses with the best structural safety are particularly preferred in housing models in areas with high natural disaster risks, especially earthquakes.

Energy-Efficient Steel House With Best Insulation Performance

The steel house is constructed by weaving the steel frame system, utilizing intensive steel usage in the new generation technological lines. Special insulation materials are used to fill the gaps between the steel frames, ensuring high insulation performance. The steel frames are covered with OSB application, moisture barrier, and additional cladding on M profiles, and then fully covered with special panels from the inside, elevating the insulation level of the steel house. With meticulous craftsmanship at every stage of installation, the risk of thermal bridging is completely eliminated, resulting in up to 60% energy savings compared to similar houses.

With our innovative Karmod Steel House system, the houses we have built in Panama continue to provide safety from risks, high energy-efficient insulation, modern style, and long-lasting usage advantages, bringing happiness to the families who live in them.

High Building Safety At The Forefront

One of the most important features of Karmod Steel Houses is their structural safety. The main frame of the structure is assembled using screw and overlap systems, providing maximum durability against earthquakes, hurricanes, and other adverse conditions. The entire wall and roof frame of the structure utilize a screw system with stainless steel construction, ensuring resistance to corrosion.

A1 Class Non-Flammable Material And High Insulation

Karmod steel houses and prefabricated houses use A1 class fire-resistant stone wool material in the gaps between the frame panels. The stone wool material provides excellent thermal and sound insulation. The materials used in the roof and wall panels of the structure are also highly secure in terms of earthquake resistance.

Aesthetic And Ergonomic Features In Karmod Steel House

Karmod steel house and prefabricated house models reflect the aesthetics provided by modern architecture, offering ergonomics and comfort in usage with detailed and expertly prepared plans.

Disassembled Product, Easy Transportation

Four steel houses produced for the Panama project were shipped to Panama using two 40 HC shipping containers. This transportation process using shipping containers is an example of the easy transportation and low shipping costs offered by disassembled structures. After the steel houses arrived in Panama, they were quickly assembled, ensuring the timely completion of the project.

Installation Of 4 Steel Houses Completed In Panama

The installation of the 4 steel houses, which were produced as part of the project, has been completed in Panama. The steel houses were designed in two different layouts: single-story and two-story. There are 3 single-story steel houses with a size of 58 m2, and 1 two-story steel house with a size of 107 m2. The total size of the steel structures is 281 m2, and they were shipped from Turkey to Panama using two 40 HC sea containers.

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