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Palestine Museum Site Buildings

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Structures
Building Model Combination Container
Number Of Buildings Single Storey – (41 Units, 3x7 Containers)
Total Area 620 m2
Project Year 2014
Region To Be Used West Bank, Palestine
Completion Time 11 Days
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Palestinian Museum construction site structures

The construction site of the Palestinian Museum, where the suffering of the Palestinian people in recent history will be exhibited through visuals, was prepared by Karmod. The construction site structures used until 2016, when the construction of the museum was completed, were prepared with the container structure model. Container structures prepared with a demountable system in Karmod's modern facilities in Tuzla district of Istanbul were shipped to the project area in Ramallah for installation. The construction site structure of 620 m2, in which 41 units of 3x7 meters were used, was installed with a combined system.

The sufferings will be exhibited like a memory in this museum

The construction of the museum, funded by the Welfare Association in Jerusalem, was carried out by "CCC Construction". The idea of the Palestinian Museum was born to reflect the memory of 750,000 Palestinians who were displaced. A budget of 8 million dollars was allocated for the first phase of the museum, which is intended to be a primary and competent resource on Palestinian history, culture and lifestyle with the recent suffering. The museum in question was opened to visitors in 2016, as it was targeted. Karmod Palestine Museum construction site structures were used from 2014 until 2016 when the project was completed.

Served as the construction site management office

The container site structures used in the museum construction process served as the project management office. The container office buildings were used by the firm "CCC Construction", which undertook the construction of the museum in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank region of Palestine. In the construction site management office building with a total size of 620 m2, 41 units of 3x7 meters were used. The units, which were shipped from Karmod facilities with a fully disassembled system, were installed by professional teams within 11 days and delivered to the management of CCC Constructions. Karmod New Generation Container, which has a bolt-nut and plug-in system, has the advantage of fast installation. The advantage of fast installation provides great convenience, especially for projects that race against time.

The Story of the Palestinian Museum

The idea of ​​building the Museum, which was commissioned by the Welfare Association in Jerusalem, emerged in 1997 with the idea of ​​establishing a modern Palestinian museum that would reflect the memory of the past of 750,000 Palestinians who had been displaced by great suffering.

A budget of 8 million dollars has been allocated for the first phase of the Museum, which is intended to be a primary and competent resource on Palestinian history, culture and lifestyle. The museum, which bears traces of former Palestinian President Yasir Arafat's life and exhibits his personal belongings, was opened in 2016 with a ceremony held in Ramallah, West Bank, 12 years after his death. The museum, which was opened by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas near Arafat's mausoleum in Ramallah, bears the name "Palestine Memory". The Palestinian Museum was among the buildings that were awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in the 2017-2019 periods.

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