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Orkun Group Hungary Logistics Center Project

Porpuse Of Use Logistics Center Construction Site Buildings
Building Model 4 Block 21 Pieces 3x7 Container
Number Of Buildings 4 Block 21 Pieces 3x7 Container
Total Area 662 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Budapest – Hungary
Completion Time 13 Days
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We set up construction site structures for a logistics center in Hungary

We built construction site structures for a logistics center in Szigethalom town near the Hungarian capital Budapest. The construction site structures, built with the new generation container model, were built for Orkun Group transportation company, an important player in international transportation. The logistics area will be an important service point for the Istanbul-based company's European operations.

Office, dormitory container camp

In the construction process of the logistics center in Hungary, a new generation container model was used in the production of site buildings. Within the scope of the project, 21 units of 3x7 container units were used, which were specially designed for customer expectations at Karmod project office. The logistics center site building group included a container office building, two separate dormitory buildings for workers and engineers, a single-story cafeteria building, and a security office building. After the project was approved, the structures were produced in Karmod's modern facilities in a short time. The system production, which is a fundamental feature of the new generation container, was applied exactly in this project as well, using high-galvanized metals and bolted system without welding. Not using welding completely eliminates construction safety problems and also provides extra contribution to the life of the structure. The container site structures, whose prefabrication was completed, were transported to the field in Hungary where the installation would be carried out. The logistics of the structures were undertaken by Orkun Group. Karmod's new generation containers can be easily transported with trailer trucks due to their dismantling feature.

The installation of four separate buildings was completed in 13 days

The structures, including an office building, two dormitory buildings, a dining hall, and a security office, with a total size of 662 m², were transported to the construction site in Szigethalom using the dismantling transportation advantage and installed in just 13 days.

Karmod container site office buildings provide the best comfort

The office building, one of the main structures of the logistics center in Hungary, was constructed with the new generation container model. A total of 1 unit of new generation container was used in the two-storey office building that was designed with verandas and balcony projections on each floor for the best use of the office front. It was manufactured using a completely bolted and overlapping system without welding, and has sandwich panel wall blocks. It is the best container of its kind with a 5 cm wall and 12 cm roof sandwich panel thickness. It transforms the interior working environment of the office into a pleasant one. With its insulation performance, it can easily be climate-controlled during harsh winter days or extremely hot weather.

Two separate dormitories in one building

The other two-story building in the project showcased two separate dormitory examples. The lower floors were prepared for engineers with separate bedrooms, workspace, and WC shower units. The upper floor of the two-story dormitory building was designed for field workers. One of the single-story buildings constructed within the scope of the project was used as a dining hall. The other building will be used as a special storage area.

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