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Negmar Eskihisar - Tavşanlı (Yalova) Ferry Terminal Cabins, Eskihisar

Porpuse Of Use Negmar Ferry Terminal Building and Ticket Sales Cabins
Building Model Metropolis
Number Of Buildings 8 Units
Total Area 22 m2
Project Year 2013
Region To Be Used Eskihisar, Gebze, Kocaeli – Turkey
Completion Time 4 Days
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Negmar Eskihisar Yalova Ferry Ticket Sales Cabins

We constructed regional offices and ticket sales booths for Negmar Maritime, which operates car ferry services between Eskihisar and Yalova (Tavşanlı). The company, initially known as Istanbul Lines when it first started car ferry operations in 2013, continues to provide services 24/7 under the name Negmar.

The buildings constructed for Negmar, using Karmod expertise, employed the Metropol building system. Within the scope of the project, two separate office buildings, each measuring 99 m2, and a total of adet ticket sales booths with dimensions of 150x250 were produced. Half of the structures of the same size were placed at the Eskihisar dock, while the other half were placed at the Yalova (Tavşanlı) dock. Each dock was equipped with 1 two-story office building and 3 ticket sales booths, effectively meeting the needs of the dock facilities.

Negmar Eskihisar And Tavşanlı Office Buildings

The office building, designed in a two-story plan, was constructed using Karmod's proprietary Metropol building system. The Metropol units, which were prefabricated in Karmod's modern factory facilities, were transported to Negmar's Tavşanlı and Eskihisar docks. On the same day, the Karmod expert installation team, already prepared on-site, began the construction of the 99 m2 office building. The units were unloaded from trucks using cranes and placed in their designated positions for assembly. The total installation time for the two separate office buildings in both directions was completed in 4 days. At the end of the 4-day period, the service offices at the Negmar docks were ready for use. The office plan includes a lobby and kitchen area on the ground floor, while the upper floor features a dedicated working space for the port operations manager.

Ticket Sales Cabins Exclusive To The Ferry Dock

As part of the Eskihisar-Tavşanlı dock project for Negmar Denizcilik, six of the structures were designed as ticket sales cabins. Three ticket sales cabins were installed at each dock. The production of these special ticket sales cabins, measuring 150x250 cm, also utilized Karmod's Metropol building system. The ticket sales cabins, designed in modern architecture, were strategically placed in the dock area with an ergonomic transition system for easy access to the ferries. With the concept of ready-made factory production, they were made ready for service as soon as they were unloaded from the vehicle.

Negmar Maritime Investment Inc.

Negmar Denizcilik Yatırım Inc. operates under the motto of "domestic and national." Since 2013, the company has been providing uninterrupted 24/7 service between Eskihisar and Tavşanlı with its team of 220 personnel. With a focus on fast, competitive, and high-quality service, Negmar serves its passengers on the Eskihisar-Yalova (Tavşanlı) route. On Negmar's docks, including loading and unloading operations, a ferry departs approximately every 15 to 20 minutes. The average ferry crossing time on the Eskihisar-Tavşanlı route is 25 minutes.

Negmar carries out its services with a fleet of 6 vessels equipped with new technologies for ferry transportation, including Bahariye, Selimiye, Muradiye, Hamidiye, Aziziye, and Erdeniz, with a speed of 12 knots and a capacity of 100 vehicles.

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