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Bursa Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant

Porpuse Of Use Ovaakça Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Guesthouse and Service Buildings
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 4 Block
Total Area 1353 m²
Project Year 2015
Region To Be Used Bursa – Turkey
Completion Time 35 Days
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Bursa Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Service Buildings

We have established service buildings including a guesthouse for the Bursa Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, which meets the electricity needs of approximately 1 million 600 thousand people. In the project carried out in 2015, production and installation of four separate structures were carried out. The buildings, which were produced upon the request of Anadolu Electricity Production Inc., will be used under the Electric Production Inc. (EÜAŞ). The installation of the buildings, which have a total area of 1353 m², was completed in a short period of only 35 days and delivered to the institution. Among the buildings installed within the scope of the project are a guesthouse, a dining hall, a service procurement building, as well as a paint shop and a boiler house.

Special guesthouse for natural gas conversion plant

The guesthouse of the natural gas conversion plant located in Ovaakça village of Osmangazi district in Bursa province has a size of 959 m². The building, designed by Karmod expertise, stands out with its U-plan design. U-plan was specifically chosen to ensure that a single-story building of this size remains completely illuminated. The building used as a guesthouse includes 35 independent rooms with WC shower areas, 17 of which are single rooms. The size of the single rooms, arranged as 15 m², includes a bed, closet, desk, and a WC shower unit. The guesthouse also includes multiple accommodation options. These include 52 m² 24-person rooms and 34 m² 12-person dormitory rooms. In addition to 8, 11, 13, and 30 m² rooms, compartments for cleaning and storage purposes were also included in the plan.

The prefab guesthouse building was constructed using panel system and high-insulation walls. Karmod prefab dormitory buildings have excellent insulation with 10 cm outer and 6 cm inner wall thicknesses. Air conditioning in the building is done in the most economical way with the least energy consumption in both summer and winter.

Cafeteria for Technical Staff

One of the buildings constructed by Karmod for the Bursa Ovaakça Power Plant is the cafeteria building, which is used by the technical staff involved in electricity production at the natural gas power plant. The 154 m² prefabricated cafeteria building was constructed in a short time using the prefabricated building system. The building includes an 81 m² dining hall, and an 18 m² kitchen area for cooking meals. There are also three multi-purpose rooms in the prefabricated cafeteria building, one of which is 12 m² and the other two are 6 m². The WC and sink areas are located in separate compartments inside the building.

Natural Gas Power Plant Prefabricated Service Building

One of the buildings installed in the Ovaakça power plant as part of the project is the prefab service procurement office building. The 258 m² prefab office includes eight separate rooms and a living room with areas ranging from 34 to 17 square meters. The building is used as an office building by the personnel working in the service procurement of the power plant. In the narrow facade, the rooms are arranged on both sides of the central entrance.

Bursa Ovaakça Natural Gas Power Plant

Bursa Ovaakça Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, operated under the Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ) of public institutions, meets the total electricity energy needs of an average of 1,592,691 people with its installed capacity of 1,432 MWe. The importance of the plant is significant for Bursa, one of the major industrial cities in our country. The site selection for the plant was made in Ovaakça Village in Bursa province after environmental, economic and technical evaluations. The 4x239 + 2x238 = 1432 MW power plant, which was tendered in 1994, was put into operation in 1998-1999. The nominal annual production capacity of the Ovaakça power plant is 10.017 billion kWh.

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