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88 Modular Schools Project, Libya

Porpuse Of Use Mobile School (Country-wide)
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 88 Units (400x800 cm)
Total Area 2816 m²
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Libya
Completion Time 15 days
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We delivered 88 mobile schools that will make a great contribution to school needs of one of the North Africa countries Libya. Mobile school buildings manufactured with new generation container model will service in country education through long ages.

Karmod container school buildings prepared as ready concept provide climatization convenience in in hot and cold with their sadwich panel high insulated system that is from wall to roof. Karmod new generation containers so many superiorities in itself with building safety, longevity, ageless paint system.

88 mobile school buildings that are each of them are 32 square meters have been sent to Libya by getting ready in 15 days with demounted produce system. Schools that are installed at distribution center in a short time have been delivered to needed areas and they have been put into service of education.

Mobile Container Ready School Solution

Mobile container buildings manufactured as ready concept with new generation tecnology have exceptionally functional usage. Especially in closing the school gap in educational field in a short time, mobile container provides great convenience. Detached units starting from 21 square meters up to 27, 36, 48 square meters are produced as standard with our container school buildings.

Larger scaled and multi storey container buildings are installed in a short time as container units are produced with combined container model inclusive of the plan prepared within the scope of the project.

In our Libya mobile container school project 4x8 sized 32 square meters clasrooms each of them are produced independently have been sent by sea to the country. Mobile schools whose installations are made on site in a short time with the ease of Karmod new generation’s demounted screwed and click-fit system, have been distributed to different locations by land.

Mobile container school that are set down to school with a crane started to serve immediately. With the comfort and ergonomy provided by the sandwich panel system, our container school buildings have quality standards that will provide education services in safe for many years.

In our mobil container buildings, container toilet can be made from different entrance in a same unit and also special production can be mad efor container wc units. Disabled wc unit can be produced in toilet unit by planning within the scope of the project.

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