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2 Separate Vocational High School Projects In Malta

Porpuse Of Use 2 Vocational High Schools
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 2 Storey and Single Storey, 2 Buildings
Total Area 288 m² (192 m²+96 m²)
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Malta
Completion Time 15 gün
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We completed our 5th school project across Europe in the Republic of Malta. Schools permanently prepared with the New Generation Container model started to serve as two different vocational high schools in Birkirkara, the largest city in the country.

Karmod New Generation Container has many advantages such as long life resistance, seamless stainless metal system, special paint system used in automotive technology, and energy saving thanks to its high insulation feature.

In addition to the many advantages we count in school projects, Karmod New Generation is the most important reason of choice with its installation advantage in a short time. A school building with an average of 10 classrooms has the advantage that it can be delivered ready for use within a week's time period. This situation makes Karmod New Generation very advantageous in emergency classroom needs.

Sandwich panel system is used in all of the wall and roof panels of Karmod container structure. According to the nature of the project, the structures in the fireproof class are prepared by increasing the inter-panel filling feature. The same feature increases the building insulation equivalent. The double glazing system preferred and used in the windows increases the insulation positively. The full-length locking system that provides full coverage also contributes significantly to this situation. A specially prepared sheet metal panel system is used at the door of the container structure. The sealing system spread all over the door closing points provides full closure and increases the insulation both in terms of air conditioning and sound. With all these advantages, Karmod container model provides very easy air conditioning with the lowest energy usage in extreme hot or cold environments. The same advantage is valid in terms of sound insulation. This feature ensures that external noise environment is not reflected in the buildings such as education buildings where sound insulation is important.

It is worth mentioning a little about the production and installation adventure of two vocational schools in Birkirkara, which is prepared with the advantageous features mentioned above. After the architectural project approval, the preproduction of the building, which was put into production on technological line in Karmod's modern facilities, is completed in a short time.At this stage, wall and roof panels, doors and windows, electrical and installation systems, coating applications are prepared and the disassembled package system is started. Container building components, which are packaged in accordance with the international logistics system in the packaging line, are shipped to the installation site with the country-appropriate transportation. Karmod installation teams are also available on the day the shipment reaches the project installation area. Our installation team in charge of this project was also present at the installation site of the first school building in Birkirkara on the same day. After the installation of the first building with 12 classrooms, our teams started the installation of the other school building in the same city. The building with 7 classrooms to be used for vocational high schools was also installed. Our educational buildings, delivered with a completely ready-to-use installation, were made ready for service in as short as 15 days.

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