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Monumento Kartal Project Management Office

Porpuse Of Use Project Launch and Sales Office
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 135 m²
Project Year 2012
Completion Time 7 days
Currently 36 guests are viewing this project

Karmod has been the choice of Monumento Kartal Project Launch and Sales Office, one of the commercial office concept prestigious projects of Istanbul Anatolian Side. The office built with prefabricated building model will be used as project management office. There are project promotion and acceptance saloon, study rooms, meeting room etc inside of the 135 square meters prefabricated sales office.

Our prefabricated office buildings are being the choice of launch and sales offices of many brand’s housing projects with technologic fast production and installation in a short time advantages, panel system prefabricated and steel construction system. We built the housing projects of Sinpaş Bosphorus City, Sinpaş İş Modern, Marmara Kule, Kiptaş, Safi Espadon, TAM Pendik, Tuzla Ahenk.

With their fast installation, our steel construction ready offices offer lux office solution where brands can introduce their projects in a lux area at beginning of their projects. Buildings at desired elevation high can be built in the offices built with steel construction building system. With a main hall at high elevation there are work offices at the back parts in these buildings.

There is a spacious hall meeting the guests at first entrance of prefabricated office building we prepared for Monumento project run by Kuzeyyıldızı Gayrimenkul Inc. at Kartal, Esentepe. In this hall, there is an elegant model showing all Monument project in a window. Guests decide their office choices using the model. There are catalogs introducing the project on the coffee tables in the hall furnished with lux furnitures. There are seperate two rooms right and left at the glass wall back part. One of them is used by sales representative, the other one is arranged as meeting room. Glass wall back room belongs to project manager. There are 90 home offices, 4 commercial areas and 42 rezidence type independent section at Monumento Kartal Project that is located on a 5111 m2 land and one of the investments of Kuzeyyıldızı Real Estate Development and Construction Inc. With the sellable areas, the sum of common areas is 28860 square meters in the project.

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