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Modular Commercial and Office Buildings Djibouti

Porpuse Of Use Executive and Work Office
Building Model Two Storey Prefabricated Office
Number Of Buildings 28
Total Area 748 m²
Project Year 2017
Region To Be Used Djibouti
Completion Time 45 days
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We installed and delivered prefabricated office buildings that will be used by the workers of the facility desalting the seawater and turning it into drinking water in Djibouti, one of the East African countries. Ready for use installation of the 748 square meters sized 2 prefabricated office buildings that can be used by 150 people has been completed in a short time like 45 days. Pre-production of prefabricated ready office has been made in modern Karmod facilities and delivered to Djibouti Harbour via maritime container transport.

Brattice panel system prefabricated building model has been recommended to our customer for the building designed in Karmod technical office by considering construction site building terms of use and climate condition. After the customer confirmation, the production of the prefabricated office project started. Wall panels, trusses and roof coverings, PVC window and panel system doors, water and electrical installation materials, lighting fittings, water fittings and sanitary ware equipment, interior and exterior painting and all required materials that will be used at the prefabricated office building have been prepared at Karmod facilities and sent to project area as demounted.

Our prefabricated office buildings were installed ready for use under the guidance of Karmod supervisors and with the support of workforce provided by local workers. 

Fast Installation, Longevity and Usage Comfort are at Prefabricated Office Buildings

Prefabricated office buildings offer the best alternative to high-rise building budgets and very long building times of traditional buildings systems like reinforced concrete. Prefabricated office buildings that can be manufactured with new generation production technology can be built at the place of use in a very short time without requiring any other material.

Prefabricated ready office buildings whose building safety is provided with special computer software at the project phase offer the best usage comfort with practical and flexible room partition, spacious and wide area.

At the treatment facility that is seen as an important project for providing clean and healthy drinking water to Djibouti, seawater is being desalting, 45000 cubic meters of drinking water is produced and şt will be given to the distribution network.

Our prefabricated office buildings that have a durable building model will serve technical workers of this important project for long years.

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