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Avsa Municipal Services Building

Porpuse Of Use Municipal Services Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 530 m²
Project Year 2013
Region To Be Used Balıkesir, Turkey
Completion Time 26 days
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Karmod prefabricated completed and delivered new mayor's office building to Avsa Island. The Island had a modern building with the mayor's office building that was built in a short time with prefabricated building model. It is aimed that the personnel moving to new building of Avsa Municipality give better service.

All Units Were Gathered at Modern Prefabricated Presidentship Building

Serving got easier with the gathering of all unites inside the new prefabricated municipal building whose closed area is 530 square meters and that is equipped with the latest technology. Office of the president is being in the first place, all directorship and service units were in place at the new building. Among these units, Consultancy of Media, Publications and Public Relations, Directorate of Information Processing, Environmental Agency, Civil Works Department, Income and Accruement Unit, Section of Legal Affairs, Zoning and Urbanization Directorate, Human Resources and Education Unit, Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs, Financial Services Department, Directorate of parks and gardens, Directorate of Health Services, Editorial and Decisions Directorate and Police Department have been started to serve under a single roof.

The Prefabricated Building is the Best for the Places Where Logistical Opportunities are Limited

Prefabricated building system offers the ideal solution among the building models that will be built in a place where logistical oppotunities are limited like Avsa Island.

The reason of that is material transportation is being made with only ferryboats leaving from Erdek and Tekirdag. Also this transportation is limited with only one or two expeditions. In fact, these expeditions are completely stopped at bad weather conditions and it can be impossable to transport any material to the Island. 

Prefabricated building system provides a big ease for places where transportation facilities are limited like Avsa Island and etc. For example all required materials for construction of the new 530 square meters municipal building in this project are loaded in three articulated lorries and they were delivered to the island by a single ferry on the same day. There was no need of any materials different from those for the installation of the building. Also the installation of such a large building has been completed in only 26 days. If it was built with traditional methods, it would take months or years. Recently, Avsa Island was committed to Marmara district of Balikesir province with the law for metropolitan municipalities. And the municipal services were committed to Marmara Islands Municipality. The building continues to serve as a Municipal Service Building today.

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