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Life started in Alucra social houses

Porpuse Of Use Social Housing
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 23
Total Area 1.265 m²
Project Year 2013
Region To Be Used Giresun, Turkey
Completion Time 48 days
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We completed and delivered 23 prefabricated social housing project run by Alucra Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation and Alucra District Governorship within the Directorate General of Social Assistance “Housing Assistance” in Alucra district of our Giresun province. With the planning by Alucra Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation (SYDV) and Alucra District Governorship in 2013, house building project has been implemented for elderly, poor citizens who haven’t social security in the district. Housing Assistance consisting of 23 houses within the scope of social assistance house help have been delivered to their owners with the project. At the statement that the district governorship has made for the house help, it has been emphasized that the aim was to feel the compassionate hand of the state.

Within the project that sets a good example about state dwelling support for those have not any house, the 55 square meters houses that reflect Karmod expertise have been delivered to elders and poors and this contributed to the laughter of their faces.
The modular houses produced with modern architecture new technology has two-bedroom usage. There are wc and shower tube in the social housings. Installation of the housings has been made in different villages across Alucra for the families who comply with state dwelling support requirements.

Each of the dwellings we produced at our facilities with the excitement of state dwelling support for poors, has been delivered to the 23 different points by being loaded different vehicles. State dwelling support houses that were installed in avarage 4 days with our different teams present in the region, have been delivered to the SYDV authorities.

The best model is ready house for state dwelling support

Ready house model has so many advantages in the realization of Social Assistance Houses and District Governorship projects in a short time within the scope of state dwelling support. Durable prefabricated house is the most preferred building model for state dwelling support for those have not any house with their high insulation, fast installation and economic prices. The building of a detached dwelling that will be a happy house for tens of families with the ready house system, is completed in days.

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