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Modular Gold Mine Site Camp Building - Chile

Porpuse Of Use Mine Office, Cafeteria, Dormitory etc.
Building Model Prefabricated Panel System
Number Of Buildings 6
Total Area 866 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Iquique, Tarapacá Region, Chile
Completion Time 55 Days
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We have set up site buildings for workers who will serve at a mining site at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Chile, one of the South American countries.

As part of the project, we transported a group of buildings consisting of 6 units and a total of 866 square meters in size to Chile by sea container transportation. The structures, taken from the port, were transported by road to the Quebrada Blanca mining field in the Tarapacá Region, where the mining site is located. Our demounted site buildings started to be installed on the same day they arrived at the site by our teams prepared in the region. With our assembly experts, we assembled the prefabricated site buildings to be used by 226 site workers ready for use in a period of 55 days without two months, and offered them for use in the mining project.

Complete site mobilization from A to Z

All the buildings needed from A to Z were set up in the site mobilization building group we built for the personnel who will serve in the Quebrada Blanca mining project. Two of these site structure groups are prefabricated office buildings. One of them will be used as a management office and will also be a working building for the technical teams. The other office building will mainly be used as a technical analysis and laboratory office.

Three buildings in the structure group were prepared as prefabricated dormitories. One of these buildings was arranged in two sections. One part is planned to be used by project managers and the other part by technical office staff. Two prefabricated dormitory buildings were specially prepared for use by the staff who will serve in the field at the construction site. As in all dormitory buildings where usage ergonomics is prioritized, in this project too, structures that give vitality were aimed at considering the exhausting conditions of the mining fields. The last building in the project was installed specifically for use as a prefabricated dining hall.

With our building quality and international organization strength, we have become the site building preference of leading businesses in the world, from energy to mining, even in overseas countries with our advantage of timely installation. Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Guyana, and Chile are among the countries on the American continent where we have set up mining site mobilization.

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