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Ufuk Boru Osmaniye Factory Offices

Porpuse Of Use Factory Office, Dining Hall and Security Office
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 3
Total Area 1282 m²
Project Year 2011
Region To Be Used Osmaniye, Turkey
Completion Time 40 days
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As Karmod, we completed and delivered the factory work offices projects for production facility investment of Ufuk Boru Inc. located in Osmaniye Organized Industrial Site. With our prefabricated building model, we produced and installed three seperate buildings within the scope of the project. In our building group that has 282 square meters closed area in total, there are factory office, office personnel, prefabricated dining hall building for the factory workers and factory security office.

Prefabricated factory office building has 822 m2 closed usage area and the rooms are designed according to management and technical staff distribution who will work in the office building. There are meeting rooms, labs, kitchens and toilets for women and men in the office building. Prefabricated factory dining hall building has 420 square meters size. There are sinks with food preparation and distribution stands and dininghall inside the dining hall. The other building designed within the scope of the project is security officePrefabricated security building that has 40 m2 closed area serves as a information office during the day. A waiting room have been designed for the usage of visiters, carriers and suppliers coming to production facility in one section of the office.

Security office building is used by factory watchers at nights. Stone pattern coating implement were made at the exterior coating of the prefabricated building group. Coating applications make the building more esthetical by providing extra insulation to our buildings with high insulation value. At the outer surface of the building, the corporate yellow tape was set up on gray paint at the edges within the company institutional framework.

The three buildings we built for Ufuk Boru continue to be used in the new spiral welded steel pipe production facility in Osmaniye. This facility is one of the 2008 invesments of the company. The factory is installed on the 143500 m2 open and closed areas, and the facility has 160.000 tons production capacity. Proximity of the facility to the Iskenderun Harbor provides great ease in terms of produced pipes logistic. 

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