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Ministry of Transport Free Trade Zone Office

Porpuse Of Use Free Trade Zone Customs Service Office Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 126 m²
Project Year 2015
Region To Be Used Djibouti
Completion Time 12 Days
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Customs Service Office Building of Djibouti Free Trade Zone

Karmod continues to carry out building projects in more than 130 countries, thanks to its leadership in the sector. We have added a new one to our portfolio of prefabricated building projects in Djibouti. We have completed and delivered the customs office for the Djibouti free trade zone commissioned by the government. Our prefabricated office building will serve as the central office for customs officers in the largest free trade zone in Africa. The free zone is operated by the Djibouti Ministry of Transportation.

The office building, constructed using our panel system prefabricated building model, covers an area of 185 square meters and is considered one of the country's most luxurious offices in terms of its design. To enhance the building's aesthetic appeal and insulation, a parapet was applied to the roof, and a stone pattern cladding was used on the exterior. The customs office was prefabricated in Turkey and shipped to the port of Djibouti before being transported to its installation site. Our expert teams, who were deployed in the region on the day of the shipment's completion, completed the installation within a short period of 12 days. The prefabricated customs office is staffed by a customs team of 20 people.

Our ready-made office buildings offer an innovative style with modern design and the advantage of quick installation compared to traditional construction methods in Djibouti. Our structures can be installed quickly using bolted and overlapping systems without the need for other construction materials or skilled workers. Furthermore, our structures offer long-lasting durability and price advantages.

By choosing our customs office building for the free trade zone, the aim was to facilitate trade with neighboring countries such as Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, which are located in the Bab-el-Mandeb region, a strategic point of narrowing that includes the entry points of the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, and is close to the Indian Ocean and the Horn of Africa. Bab-el-Mandeb is the world's fourth busiest sea route with 30,000 annual vessel traffic. Following the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Djibouti became the entry point for 90% of Ethiopia's imports.

The prefabricated office project we have recently completed for the free trade zone is among the many ready-made building projects we have completed throughout the country. In addition to site buildings, we have also completed building projects such as the Telekom office building and a resort hotel in Djibouti. Our new projects in this country, where Karmod buildings are well known, continue to increase every year.

The most practical solution for office and building needs is with a prefabricated building model

The prefabricated building system has significant advantages such as fast production, easy transportation, and short on-site installation. When budget economy is added to these advantages, it has become the most preferred building system for office needs in recent years, in addition to housing. The prefabricated building system also has another significant advantage, which is long-term use. With insulation applications on the wall and roof system, the prefabricated building system saves energy for its users. The new generation prefabricated buildings, which leave all traditional welding practices behind, are extremely safe. High-strength special steel carrier systems that take up very little space provide significant contributions to the interior space. They can also be concealed between special insulated wall blocks that take up very little space. The shrinking interior spaces in classic concrete models are eliminated with prefabricated buildings. The most spacious and airy environments can be created indoors.

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