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Gold Mine Workers’ Camp Buildings, Mexico

Porpuse Of Use Workers’ Camp Campus
Building Model Single-Storey Prefabricated
Number Of Buildings 3 Blocks (each of three-storey)
Total Area 820 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Mexico
Completion Time 23 days
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We installed prefabricated construction site buildings for gold mine in Mexico

We installed prefabricated construction site buildings for gold mine extraction field in Mexico, one of North America countries. The buildings that were installed in Mazapil city will be used by employees and technical personnel taking charge in gold mine extraction. Karmod prefabricated building system has so many advantages such as fast production, fast installation on site and it is among the first choices for prefabricated construction site of the important projects like construction, energy, mining around the world.

As Karmod quality is recognized in America, the interest in our buildings increases. USA, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Guyana is among the countries where Karmod runs so many projects from housing to prefabricated construction site campus with steel system prefabricated building system.

Gold mine construction site group building in Mexico was completed with prefabricated building. Three seperate buildings were installed within the scope of the project that one-storey construction site buildings were preferred. One of these buildings with a size of 370 square meters was designed as prefabricated dormitory. Our building with a size of 260 square meters was designed as prefabricated dining hall. Our other building with a size of 190 square meters will be used as prefabricated office building.

The prefabricated building group whose pre-production was made was sent to port in Mexico by sea container transportation, and then they were sent to the mining area where prefabricated construction site buildings will be used. Installation of three prefabricated buildings was completed by our teams present on the mining field in a short time like 23 days and they were made ready for use.

 As Karmod we completed a great number of prefabricated construction site building projects with our expertise in prefabricated building industry since 1986. We run prebabricated construction site building projects in accordance with the work and worker health criteria in international building safety. There are so many buildings like health and hospital buildings, human resources office service buildings, laboratory buildings, education and meeting rooms, private storages, place of worship, laundry buildings, canteens, rest areas and especially prefabricated dining hall and dormitory buildings, prefabricated office buildings among our building solutions for prefabricated construction site group.

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