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Construction Site Building of Anagold, the leader of the mining sector of Turkey

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Mobilization
Building Model Prefab Building
Number Of Buildings 2 Blocks (524 m² + 224 m²)
Total Area 748 m²
Project Year 2012
Region To Be Used Erzincan, Turkey
Completion Time 28 days
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We installed the construction site mobilization buildings for Copler Goldmine project that 20% of Turkey's gold mine is mined. Karmod prefabricated construction site buildings are the first preferred brand in mobilization of particularly mining construction sites, oil exploration and drilling, natural gas extraction and exploitation.

Copler gold field is in the Copler village of the Ilic district at Erzincan province. Extracting and exploitation studies are run by Anagold Mining Inc. Our construction site buildings have been preferred in this project just like in so many prominent minin project.

We built two seperate buildings having 748 m² closed area in total for Anagold Copler Goldmine construction site mobilization. One of these buildings is one storey and the other one is two storey. Other building will be serve as one storey prefabricated management office. Two storey construction site building have 524 m² usage area and it is used as social facility in the mine site. Social activity areas have been prepared with prefabricated social facility structure for the people working in mining. For that purpose, there are closed playground, cinema hall, billiards, table soccer, table tennis, game room, children's playground, fitness room equipped with sport equipments within the building for the residents of the construction site including their families.

One storey construction site building that has 224 m² usage area will be used as prefabricated management office. In the one-storey management office, there are units like administrator room, engineer and technical staff study room, meeting room, seminar hall etc.

It set a precedent of a full-fledged construction site building mobilization in Copler Goldmine. In the mine area where mobilization building group was installed before the project, the first gold production have been made in December 2010. The lodgements were prepared for the workers who will live with their families. And container units were installed for the unmarries workers.

Karmod is the most preffered choice when it comes to prefabricated construction site buildings; gold, natural gas,oil exploration and extraction. The Anagold Madencilik gold mine construction site buildings, which carry out gold extraction and processing activities in the province of Erzincan were established by Karmod.

For the Erzincan Anagold gold mining camp, Karmod built two construction buildings for the projcet, a two-storey and a one-storey construction building. The two-story building has a total area of 524 square meters and will be equipped with dning hall, dormitory, rest and locker rooms and wc shower units.  The one-storey building with a 224 m² usage area will be used as a management building.

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