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We Have Constructed Military Facility Buildings In Nigeria

Porpuse Of Use Military Facility
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 7 Block
Total Area 800 m²
Project Year 2016
Region To Be Used Borno, Nigeria
Completion Time 21 Days
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We have completed the installation and delivery of prefabricated military facility buildings in the northeastern region of Nigeria, as announced by the Foreign Trade Department of Karmod. The military facility, consisting of 7 buildings, was installed and delivered in Borno State, highlighting the region's significant security risks associated with the country's terrorist incidents.

Fehim Özkanca, our Foreign Trade Manager, emphasized that Karmod has been involved in significant projects as a Turkish brand in Africa in recent years, attributing this success to the advantages of technological rapid production, easy transportation, and speed. He also emphasized Karmod's important advantages in terms of structural safety and long-term durability.

Özkanca recalled that they completed the installation and delivery of the 7 buildings in the Nigerian Military Facility Project within a short period of three weeks, stating, "We transport our structures to the destination country using container transportation, and our experienced teams perform on-site installations for ready-to-use delivery. We completed the installation and delivery of a total of 800 square meters of enclosed space in 7 prefabricated buildings in this project within three weeks."

The Nigerian Military Facility Project includes a manager's office, a dining hall, sleeping quarters, multipurpose offices, and a WC-shower building. The structures will be utilized by a military unit of 50 personnel. Özkanca also mentioned that Karmod had previously carried out a mobile school project for approximately a thousand students in Borno State on behalf of UNICEF last year.

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