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Medlog Logistics Office

Porpuse Of Use Warehouse Office Buildings
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 3 Blocks
Total Area 307 m2 (202+63+42)
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Tekirdag – Turkey
Completion Time 12 Days
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We constructed & installed office buildings for Turkey's logistics actor

Medlog Logistics, which carries out logistics operations in 11 different cities with its Istanbul headquarters, preferred Karmod new generation container structures for their office buildings. Office structures prepared by Karmod project department and produced in model facilities were installed in the company's storage area located in Kumbağ village of Tekirdağ province Süleymanpaşa district.

The new generation container model was used in the 3-block office buildings built within the scope of the project. The main building was designed as two floors. A platform was used on the second floor of this building with a total size of 202 m². The utilization area, which was 84 m² on the ground floor, reached 118 m² with the addition of spaces on this floor. While the applied landing brings extra spaciousness to the office work area, a separate viewing pleasure has also been created. A total of 8 pcs. of 3x7 container units were used for the office block, 4 of which are on the lower floor and 4 on the upper floor. A large study hall was prepared with the combination of two units on the ground floor. In the back, there were two separate rooms. On the upper floor, there are other working areas. The upper floor is accessed by an independent staircase from the outside.

The other building, which was installed in the field, was designed as a single storey. This 63 m² building was put into use as a cafeteria. In the construction of this building, 3 pieces of 3x7 m new generation container unit was used. The ready-to-be-assembled units at the factory were made available for use in a short period of time with the help of the Karmod combined systems assembled by Karmod site installation team.

The third building was built by superposed loading of 3x7 units. We started to study as a two-storey building personal dormitory and a guesthouse. The total area of the building is 42 m².

Medlog is among the leading brands of search engine companies

Medlog, whose office buildings are built by Karmod, is among the leading brands of the Turkish logistics industry. Medlog provides services in Turkey as an Istanbul-based logistics company. For the logistics operations of the company, there are storage areas in the provinces of Tekirdağ, Kocaeli, Bursa, İzmir, Mersin, İskenderun, Gaziantep, Eskişehir, Ankara, Samsun and Trabzon. The company operates in land, rail and seaway logistics services. There are 700 tractor trucks and 386 wagons under the management of Medlog Logistics. There is also a door-to-door delivery service for shipments.

As MSC Turkey, Medlog Gemicilik ve Ticaret A.Ş. today it has added the 6th ship to its fleet. The ship that entered service recently became the largest container ship with the Turkish Flag, with a carrying capacity of 2,908 TEU.

Karmod New Generation is the Office Building Preference of Logistics Sector

Karmod new generation container is the choice of the leading brands of the logistics industry, with its long-lasting and safe construction system, energy-saving air-conditioning convenience and fast installation advantage. With the advantage of new generation container structure, safety and fast installation, it saves both budget and time for logistics companies racing against time.

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