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Mass Housing Project, Nablus - Palestine

Porpuse Of Use Housing
Building Model Panel System Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 10 Housing
Total Area 790 m2
Project Year 2014
Region To Be Used Nablus - Palestine
Completion Time 55 Days
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Housing Issue in Palestine Resolved with Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated house makes it easier to build housing in areas where there are difficulties in procurement of construction materials and high costs. The prefabricated house, which is prepared by producing all the materials in Karmod's modern factory facilities, stands out with the advantage of fast installation where it is shipped.

The rapid installation advantage created by the pre-production model also stood out in Palestine. A housing project consisting of 10 prefab houses was completed and delivered within a short period of 55 days. The houses constructed in the city of Nablus were produced in two different sizes and two separate designs. As part of the project, production was carried out for two different types of houses: 73 m2 in a 2+1 design and 88 m2 in a 3+1 design.

The ready-made houses, which are pre-produced in Turkey, including all electrical installation materials and paint, were shipped to the project site in Palestine. The Karmod teams completed the installation of the houses in 55 days and made them ready for occupancy.

The 88 m2 prefab house has an 'L' layout. While 4 units were produced in this design, the other 6 houses consisted of 73 m2. Both of these single-story prefab house models gained a luxury villa concept after installation. The prefab house will have a significant function in meeting the housing deficit in the Nablus region.

Why are Prefabricated Houses Highly Advantageous?

Prefab houses, which do not require specific usage locations for production and material supply, have significant advantages. The advantages of prefab houses stem from the pre-production process where all materials are produced in modern facilities without waste and the installation is carried out by expert teams without the need for different craftsmen.

Factory production with full material utilization without waste and on-site installation by expert teams without the need for different craftsmen provide great benefits to those who choose prefab houses.

When we briefly look at prefab house production, we notice that all materials that constitute the house are produced and prepared in the factory. Insulated wall panel blocks, steel structural support columns, and roof foundations are among the production processes. Likewise, roof covering and insulation materials underneath are prepared in the factory. PVC double-glazed windows, steel doors, and interior room doors are also sourced and prepared in the factory. The supply of materials in accordance with the electrical project of the house, lighting fixtures, and all cables are included in the pre-production preparation. Similarly, waste and sanitary plumbing pipes and fixtures are prepared as part of the factory pre-production. Toilet units and sinks are pre-supplied in the factory. Furthermore, both interior and exterior paint materials for the house are procured in advance.

Once the production and supply process is completed in every detail, the prefab house is transported to the correct installation location. The house, which is installed by Karmod expert teams prepared in the region, is delivered ready for occupancy.

The same production and installation process was followed for the housing project in Nablus, Palestine. That is why the installation of the housing project consisting of 10 prefab houses was completed within a few days and delivered.

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