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Contemporary Machinery Press Feeding Systems (Coiltech)

Porpuse Of Use Factory Interior Office and Storage Buildings
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 4
Total Area 550 m² (62 m² + 128 m² + 160 m² + 200 m²)
Project Year 2018-2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
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Coiltech has preferred our factory office and storage buildings

Our partnership with Coiltech, a contemporary machine press feeding systems company, which began with the structures we constructed for them in 2018, continues with new projects. Coiltech values high technology in all aspects of their business, from management to production, software, and service teams, and this vision is reflected in the machines they produce. We have increased the number of buildings we have constructed for Coiltech to 4.

The first project was completed in 2018 in the company's facilities located in the Dilovası Machinery Specialization Organized Industrial Zone in three blocks. In the first stage, we constructed a total of 350 m² using our new generation container model and added a new 200 m² prefab building. By increasing the number of structures we have built for the company to four in the same facility, we have also demonstrated a great example of Karmod's long-term partnership with its customers.

Prefab is very practical for the office and storage buildings needed in the factory

Ready-made structures, whether using container or prefabricated building systems, provide practical solutions for creating storage and workspace areas within the factory. In 2018, three buildings were constructed within the company's production facility, two of which were container structures and the other was a prefabricated building. One of the container buildings houses the electronic components that form the brain of the special machine equipment used in the company's production, while another is used as a special storage area. The third building serves as a mosque for the factory staff.

In 2021, a new building was constructed using a prefabricated building model for Coiltech's factory campus. This 200 m² building was installed on the outer part of the factory to be used as a storage area. The most recent prefabricated building was assembled and ready for use within just 7 days.

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