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Getir Retail Logistics Inc. Distribution Warehouse Project

Porpuse Of Use Food Delivery Warehouse
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 147 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 4 Days
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Accelerated the speed of Getir with our structures

Getir brand, which serves with the slogan "Bring a happiness". We have accelerated the speed of Getir, which delivers thousands of products to the desired destination within minutes, day and night, with our structures.

147 m2 container storage area, delivered in 4 days

The new generation container produced with the expertise of Karmod has become the preference of the Getir brand in the logistics distribution and storage structure. Arnavutköy regional distribution warehouse with a size of 147 m² was completed in just 4 days and put into service of the brand. 7 3x7 container units were used for the warehouse structure within the scope of the project. Container units, whose production was completed in a short time at Karmod facilities, were shipped to the storage area in Arnavutköy for installation. The Karmod teams, which were ready in the region on the same da , started the installation of the buildings and completed the installation in just 4 days. In the project, an extra roofing application was also carried out on the building. Karmod 's new generation container with high insulation has been upgraded to a perfect level with an extra roof covering.

New generation container ergonomics reflected in warehouses

Getir will use the existing buildings as both container offices and container warehouses.

Karmod new generation container has the best ergonomics of use beyond the classical building models. It offers the best ergonomics in interior use, as the building safety is ensured by metals that take up very little space instead of huge concrete piles. The placement and shipment of products in the container warehouse can be carried out in a very practical way. It makes the job of brands like Getir, which competes with time, even easier.

The brands that continue their logistics growth in the fastest way prefer container structures for their storage needs. It saves both time and budget. Since the container can be produced and assembled in days, the building completely leaves the construction processes behind. It has been used safely for many years with its structural safety and solid strength.

About Getir

Getir Retail Logistics Inc. was founded for the first time on July 9, 2015 ,by Turkish entrepreneur Nazım Salur. The company, which delivers grocery products and restaurant meals via the mobile application, has caught a unique growth trend in Turkey in a short time. Today, the company provides services in European countries, especially in Turkey, and in the USA. Just 4 years after its establishment , in the second half of 2019, Getir doubled its existing orders, approaching 1.5 million orders in December of the same year. With its 2019 revenue of $120 million, Getir attracted the attention of investors. The pandemic process has increased the growth trend of the brand. In January 2021, Getir started to serve in London, the capital of England. In May of the same year, it added Amsterdam (Netherlands) and in June Berlin and Paris to its service points. In July 2021, Getir acquired BLOK , a fast market delivery application serving Italy and Spain. The name of the block was changed to Getir and included Portugal in Europe.

GetirMore, GetirFood and GetirWater

Getir brand has targeted the most consumed products. Weekly or monthly grocery shopping can be done with the GetirMore application. GetirFood brings delicious food to your feet shortly after ordering. With the GetirWater service, branded carboy water is delivered from the North.

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