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Workers Camp for 1,000 people - Turaif, Saudi Arabia

Porpuse Of Use Worker Dormitory, Dining Hall, Management Office and Other Buildings
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 19
Total Area 5.380 m²
Project Year 2017
Region To Be Used Turaif, Saudi Arabia
Completion Time 75 days
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We installed 1000-Person construction site campus in Saudi Arabia for workers and managers who will work at the mining camp. We delivered the 5380 square meters construction site mobilization that was installed in the city of Turaif on the Jordan border in the north of the country, in a short time like 75 days. There are 19 different size building group in the project where there are livign areas like manager office, technical office, laboratory, dormitory, dining hall, masjid, canteen. The manager, engineer and workers who come from Spain for the project will stay at the construction site mobilization whose installation was made for EPSA group engaged in mining operations in different international locations.

The prominent feature of our construction site buildings project of Turaif phosphate mine management we built with prefabricated building model is that the construction site buildings are being used by engineers and technical teams working at the mine site. Also there are special prefabricated office and prefabricated dormitory buildings at the prefabricated construction site group for Spanish managers of the mining operation.

Turaif city of Saudi Arabia is located at northern and Jordan border of the country. The region has continental desert climate. Although the summers are hot, the winter months are warm around 4 degrees. Contrary to what is believed, the potential temperature can go down to degrees below zero at winter months. Our prefabricated construction site buildings we designed with Karmod expertise considering climate characteristics of the city of Turaif was built in a way that they offer comfortable opportunity to use regardless of whether it is summer or winter with speacial insulation application.

All product development and production was made considering harsh field conditions at the construction site buildings built with new generation prefabricated building system. Advantage of insulation is among the prominent advantages of Karmod prefabricated buildings. Insulation performance of our prefabricated construction site buildings is at the highest level with use of high density insulation fillings between special sheets. This makes prefabricated office buildings and prefabricated dormitory buildings used in harsh field conditions such as mining very comfortable. With this innovator system, prefabricated buildings save energy and also they can have a comfort with sound insulation. 

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