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Kordonboyu Headman's Office

Porpuse Of Use Headman's Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 56 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 6 Days
Currently 50 guests are viewing this project

Prefabricated office period in public buildings started

In addition to the long-lasting building standard, the prefabricated building system is also the choice of service offices in the public area with its model that accelerates the construction processes. Kordonboyu neighbourhood in Kartal district of Istanbul got its new building. The new building, in which the prefabricated building model was preferred, was built in the center of Kartal, close to the beach. The headman started to serve the residents of the neighbourhood under better conditions with the newly commissioned building.

New headman building completed in 6 days

The new building in the Kordonboyu neighbourhood was completed in six days, including installation and painting. The new headman building has a size of 56 m². The building, which distinguishes itself with its aesthetic design, was established in an area in greenery. It stands out with its environmentally friendly concept that protects the nature in the area where it is established. Kordonboyu headman's office stands out with its insulation applications as well as its aesthetic design. The building, where extra coatings are made after installation, is energy efficient. Compared to conventional buildings, the building, where energy losses are eliminated, can be heated with the least energy use. The air-conditioning of the building in hot summer days is also extremely easy and affordable. With the use of air conditioners in the headman's office, every area in the building can be cooled with minimum energy consumption.

Karmod expertise in prefabricated headman building

Karmod expertise was revealed in the headman's office, from design to production, from assembly to painting. The construction project was carried out by the Karmod technical office using special software programs in ergonomics that would best meet the needs of the employees. During the design, the building safety static calculations were completed and the building was ready for production. The production of the prefabricated headman's office was carried out in Karmod modern facilities with the use of new technology machinery and equipment. The pre-production of the 56 m2 building was completed on the same day and made ready for shipment. Preproduction was made in the building using weldless construction technology. The basic components of the pre-production model consist of bolt and nut and plug-in system. The building materials and production of the building were carried out at the factory premises. On the one hand, wall and roof components were produced using steel system carriers; on the other hand, doors and windows were prepared. Electrical and plumbing materials, insulation materials and special coatings, roofing materials were produced until the paint, and the building was made ready for shipment.

The building, which was loaded on a single vehicle, was delivered to the installation site in Kartal on the same day. Karmod teams, which were ready on site as soon as the shipment was completed, started the installation of the headman's office and completed the assembly in three days. The headman's office, where facade coating and paint applications were carried out in two days, was put into use in a short time.

The building also stands out with its ergonomics of use. When you enter through the steel system main door, there is a large reception hall. Here, necessary services are provided to the citizens who come to the headman's office. There is an office of the headman at the back. There is also a kitchen on the side.

Kordonboyu Neighborhood Headman's Office

Kordonboyu Neighborhood Headman's Office is located in the center of Kartal district, at Turgut Özal Boulevard Number 91/1. Today, the headman of Kordonboyu Neighborhood is Mrs. Arzu Keskin.

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