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Kazakhistan Petroleum and Natural Gas Construction Site Camp Project

Porpuse Of Use Petroleum Project Construction Site Building
Building Model Construction Site Buildings
Number Of Buildings 2
Total Area 1.720 m²
Project Year 2013
Completion Time 43 days
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Our Prefabricated Construction Site Buildings are being used for Oil Exploration at Caspian Sea.

Karmod is continues to be solution partner for the world's leading energy projects with its prefabricated construction site building group. We run one more new project at Aktay city of Kazakhistan with our construction site buildings. Previously, we built a construction site mobilization project for an important project such as Shahdeniz 2 natural gas project located in Azerbaijan in this region.

Our building group in this project will be used by the staff of the company engaged in oil exploration activities on the Caspian Sea border of Kazakhistan. We installed two prefabricated buildings that one of them will be used as main construction site building, the other one will be used management office. Ready for use installation of the buildings having 1720 square meters closed area was completed in 43 days. The main two storey prefab construction site building that meet all needs of the construction site mobilization building group is all inclusive.

There are worker dormitories, dining hall buildings, fun and play areas, education rooms, lab, human resources and occupational safety and health office, health facility medical room area, wc and shower areas in this main building. Prefabricated brattice panel system is used on the building walls built with Karmod demounted ready building technology. High insulated mineral wool application have been made between the sandwich panel wall plates for the building comfort.

The static calculations of the mezzanine floor chassis connecting the two floors were made with the expertise of Karmod, the excellence in production was carefully maintained during the assembly phase and a high security construction site structure was built.

Single storey prefabricated office building have been installed by using high insulation system. The building will be used as work office for the project managers. It is delivered in 2013. Kazakhstan has a border of 2320 kilometers in the Caspian Sea, which has extremely rich resources in terms of both natural gas and oil deposits. There are nearly 42 natural gas and 172 oil basins in the country. The richest energy deposits are located in the west of Kazakhstan and in the Caspian Sea.

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