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Karmod Preferred in Nurolpark Construction Site Cafeteria

Porpuse Of Use Education Center Office and Shelter
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 2 (Service Office and K9 Trained Dog Shelter)
Total Area 420 m2
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul
Completion Time 26 days
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Our prefabricated canteen building, which we manufacture specifically for intensely used worker construction sites, was also preferred at the Nurol Park construction site, one of Istanbul's branded residential projects. The canteen building will be used until the completion date of the project rising on the plot where the old building of Hürriyet Media Towers used to be on the Press Expressway in Güneşli, Istanbul by Nurol GYO.

The prefabricated canteen building, projected to be 605 m2, considering the maximum number of personnel who will participate in all stages of the construction process of Nurol Park, can accommodate 300 people eating at the same time. Our construction buildings, built with the prefabricated building system using new generation technologies, are especially preferred in many construction projects, particularly branded residential projects, due to their quick installation and the economic building model they provide. With the advantage given by the bolt-nut and jointless system of the new generation, the prefabricated building can be dismantled when the project is completed and re-used in other construction sites without incurring additional construction costs.

In the site canteen building we specially prepared for the Nurol Park housing project, there is a spacious dining hall, a food distribution unit, a dishwasher and a pantry. The distribution of the meals from the meal production (Catering) companies to the site workers takes place in the hygienic environment of the canteen building. The dining hall contributes to the rest of the workers with the comfort it provides during mealtime as well as the convenience of hygiene.

The Nurol Park brand housing project, which is being built on a 55,000 m2 plot and uses the 'Tree of Life' presentation concept, aims to revive the strong neighborhood texture of the past connected with intimate ties. In the Nurol Park project, there are 11 different apartment models consisting of 2 units of 1+1, 7 units of 2+1, 2 units of 3+1 office and residential plans. Nurol Park, designed as 6 blocks, has 154 residences, 880 towers apartments and 84 loft apartments. A large landscape area of 24,000 square meters is planned, where open commercial areas and bazaar-style shopping areas are planned in addition to office and residential areas.

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