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Karmod Brought Prefabricated Kindergarten to Bursa

Porpuse Of Use Field Offices at 34 Different Points
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 113 m²
Project Year 2013
Region To Be Used Bursa, Turkey
Completion Time 6 Days
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With its ergonomics, functional use areas, quality, and most importantly, fast installation, Karmod prefabricated buildings continue to be preferred in educational institutions. We constructed a prefabricated conference and meeting hall for Mürüvvet Baş Kindergarten in Bursa's Osmangazi district, which serves little children under the General Directorate of Pre-School Education of the Ministry of National Education.

The prefabricated conference hall built in the schoolyard will be used as a meeting room for mass events to be held for Kindergarten students. In the Mürüvvet Baş Kindergarten Prefabricated supplementary school building, fun activities and show presentations reflecting the joyful inner worlds of the little hearts attending school here will radiate joy to the big guests.

The fastest solution to the classroom shortage is Prefabricated School Buildings

The buildings we produce with the prefabricated building system using innovative technologies offer the fastest solution to quickly solve the classroom shortage. With our durable, high-insulated, safe prefabricated school buildings, we complete educational building projects containing dozens of classrooms in just days and contribute to education. As in this project, the 113 m2 educational building containing the multipurpose hall needed by the kindergarten was delivered in just 6 days.

We had completed the Nadide Ahmet Tütüncüoğlu Primary and Secondary School Building in Istanbul's Suntangazi district, the first Steel School built according to Turkey's latest Earthquake Regulation, in as short a time as 72 days. The steel school building, which has a total size of 1960 m2 and high building safety, has 19 classrooms. Ten separate village schools in Bitlis, Gümüşhane High School, and Anatolian Imam Hatip High School service buildings are also among the schools we built with the prefabricated building model. Among the school buildings we constructed quickly with our new generation container model, we can mention four fully-fledged schools in France, three different school buildings in Malta, a project of 88 mobile school buildings across Libya, and mobile school projects we prepared for UNICEF in Nigeria.

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