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Karmod Cabins Will Be Featured in Mimar Sinan's Work

Porpuse Of Use Public Bread Sales Booth Cabins
Building Model Metropol and GRP Cabin System
Number Of Buildings 32 Units
Total Area 228m²
Project Year 2014
Region To Be Used Kocaeli, Turkey
Completion Time 17 Days
Currently 30 guests are viewing this project

We continue to provide affordable bread at sale points for citizens with our solutions brought to the Public Bread Sale Booth Cabins of the municipalities. In this context, we added a new one with the Gebze Municipality to the bread booth cabin sales points project we prepared for Istanbul Public Bread Inc.

For the sale points of the bread produced by Gebze Public Bread, we completed the shipment to different points determined by the Municipality for bread sales, producing a total of 32 booth cabins, 2 of which are Metropol Cabins, and 30 of which are polyester cabins, ready for use.

Karmod Metropol Takes Its Place in the Historical Location

In the project, Karmod Metropol Cabin model was preferred in two of the booth cabins produced in terms of compatibility with the historical texture. One of these cabins was placed in the square where the 500-year-old historical structure of Mimar Sinan, Çoban Mustafa Pasha Mosque, is located in the center of Gebze. With the Metropol cabin preference, the grandeur of the historical mosque, one of the important symbols of Gebze, was maintained. Metropol cabins, which stand out with their durability as well as elegance and aesthetics, are especially preferred in the central squares of the cities. With the Metropol cabin of 3x3 mt size, located one in the square and the other in a nearby location, Gebze residents meet fresh bread every day.

30 more bread sales booths with CTP technology to different points of Gebze

Gebze Public Bread sales booths bring 15 thousand fresh breads to the Gebze people every day. The other 30 cabins we prepared within the scope of Gebze Municipality Public Bread sales points consist of 270x270 size booth cabins. The prominent feature of these cabins is that two fronts are entirely designed in a glass-covered design. The mobile glass door on the left front has made it practical to take the bread crates into the sales booth. The sales staff in the booth also access the inside through this door. The front sales front of the booth cabin is also a fully glass system. A movable glass was placed in the middle of this panel to facilitate bread sales. Inside shelves were placed in other glass areas, and it was planned for those who want to buy bread from outside to make their choices by seeing the products.

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