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Karmod Cabins at the Presidency

Porpuse Of Use Security Booth
Building Model Armored Security Booth
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Leading with the expertise we have built in our sector since 1986, Karmod Security Cabins are now being used safely in over 120 countries around the world. Our security cabin products are preferred by leading brands of the private sector as well as official authorities where high-level protection services are provided such as presidencies, head of states, prime minister's offices, ministries, embassies and consulates, and military facilities.

The Çankaya Mansion, which was used as the official residence by the Presidential Office until 2014, chose Karmod for its security cabin. The security cabin used within the Presidential Guard Regiment was specially produced for duty areas at high security points with a full automation system in Karmod's modern facilities, like all our products. We are pleased to have produced the security structures of the mansion, which has been used as the official residence by the Vice President since July 2018.

The Best in Ready System Security Cabins

The best in ready system security cabins for specific use in places where security personnel are assigned, such as public institutions and military facilities, shopping mall buildings, holding headquarters, industrial facilities and factories, tourism centers, sports facilities, car parks, parks, and gardens, is Karmod cabin.

With different models ranging from three square meters to fifty square meters, Karmod offers the most product variety in guard booth structures. Karmod's security structures have advantages such as usage ergonomics, long life, energy-saving interior comfort. Our guard booth structures, which are made ready in a short time in modern production facilities, start to be used on the spot where they are shipped the same day. Fire safety of security offices is never left to chance with specific electrical installations and fixtures for the building. Wiring is connected with special terminal blocks and distributed from a box where ISO certified fuses of true value are used. The building's electrical needs are met by connecting the main current from the secure main current box located behind the building. Among our security cabin plans, there are also models with toilet cabin units for the use of security personnel.

Our Armored Guard Booth Structures Everywhere High Security is Required

We have extended our expertise in security office structures to armored security cabin products. Karmod is also manufacturing armored guard booth cabins that have been subjected to special tests for areas at risk of terrorism, in addition to high-level public institutions, police, and military duty points. The armored cabin provides protection against BR7 class armor-piercing bullets. We also have bulletproof shields for open field duty points for similar purposes.

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