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K9 Dog Search and Rescue Training Center

Porpuse Of Use Education Center Office and Shelter
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 2 (Service Office and K9 Trained Dog Shelter)
Total Area 420 m2
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul
Completion Time 26 days
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K9 Dog Search and Rescue Training Center Ready for Earthquake

We established a K9 Dog Search and Rescue Training Center for the Fire Department of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in preparation for the possible Marmara Earthquake. Two separate buildings, totaling 420 m2 of indoor area, were established on an area of 1,680 square meters. One of these buildings in the dog training center is a 199 m2 working office, and the other is a 221 m2 shelter building for K9 specially trained dogs.


The installation of the buildings in the center, where the prefabricated building system is used, was completed in 26 days, including painting. There is a wide corridor extending along the building when you enter the training center office building from the middle. The building on the left at the entrance is allocated to the center manager. The room next to it is allocated as a meeting room. On the right, there is a large hall of 50 m2 used as a dining hall and lounge. On the left end, there are staff rest rooms, each of which has 6 beds and is 22.5 m2. On the right end, there are two toilets, two showers, 1 disabled toilet, and heating and electricity control rooms.

16 Trained Dog Shelters

In the shelter area constructed in the center area, a total of 16 K9 specially trained dogs can be housed separately. Each shelter is 11 m2 in size. Every shelter is divided from the middle with a door, and also double-sided exit doors were prepared. The parts of the shelter areas facing the front garden are closed with wire mesh, and there are 40x40 lighting windows at the back with a special steel panel door. A main transition corridor was left in the middle after 8 shelters for K9 trainer usage ergonomics. On the left side of the animal shelter, there is a dog shower unit. Next to it, there is a multi-purpose storage room.

With the arrangement of the office building and animal shelter, an L plan is formed, and the front garden is wonderfully equipped as a special green area for dog training.

K9 Training Center Ready for Earthquake

With this center opened in Başakşehir district Resneli, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department has completed an important preparation for the possible Istanbul earthquake. K9 search and rescue dogs, which are trained in this important center where training continues 24 hours, are always ready for an earthquake. These special dogs, which will be on duty in the field in the event of a possible earthquake, will play an important role in saving lives. Initially, there are 6 specially trained dogs in the center, 2 of them are Labradors, and 4 are Malinois Belgian breed. This number may seem small at first, but when you consider that there are only 32 search dogs in Turkey, it's understood that the situation is not simple at all. Authorities emphasize the need for at least 160 K9-trained search dogs in the event of a major earthquake in Istanbul. Considering these numbers, the importance of the new center opened is better understood.

What is K-9 Training?

Search and rescue, police, and military dog training are called K-9. K9 training includes protection, obedience, and attack trainings.

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