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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Level Building

Porpuse Of Use Vehicle Maintenance Platform Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Piece
Total Area 275 m²
Project Year 2016
Region To Be Used Istanbul – Turkey
Completion Time 7 Days
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Büyükşehir Machinery Supply Directorate Grade Building

The advantages of panel system prefabricated buildings stood out in the construction of the grade building. The building, which we installed in Başakşehir district of Istanbul, provided an advantage to the investing organization with its fast construction process. The installation of the 275 m2 service building built inside the existing hangar was completed in just 7 days, thanks to the fast installation advantage provided by the prefabricated building model, instead of the classic reinforced concrete building systems that would take months to construct.

The building constructed for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Machine Maintenance Department provides maintenance services for district municipalities' vehicles along with the institutional vehicles. The new building, which was installed within the existing grade building, will also be used for storing vehicle parts along with the office.

Single and two-story stepped building

The vehicle maintenance service building was constructed in a stepped building plan. The right side of the building was designed and built as a two-story structure, while the left side was left as a single-story building according to the front entrance. Since the new building was constructed within the existing structure, no additional roof application was made. The upper floor of the two-story building was planned as a prefabricated office, with special room partitions for the management team of the Machine Maintenance Branch. The lower levels are entirely dedicated to storing spare vehicle parts. Different spare parts needed for vehicles of all sizes within the metropolitan municipality are stored in this section. By taking spare parts from this area during periodic maintenance, time loss in procurement is prevented.

Why can prefabricated structures be erected so quickly?

The rapid installation of prefabricated buildings is among the most curious applications in the prefabricated building model. The main reason for this is that prefabricated structures are different from known construction models. In classic reinforced concrete structures, the production and construction process progresses entirely on the field. Necessary materials are supplied separately at different times during each stage of construction. This situation significantly slows down the construction phases of reinforced concrete structures. Moreover, pouring concrete requires the laying of foundations and molds, as well as the use of reinforcement. These processes further extend the construction time. On the other hand, prefabricated structures have the advantage of prefabrication. All production is carried out in modern factory facilities. Production time is used most efficiently in automation systems on production lines. For example, a building with a size of 275 m² can be produced in the same day in this project.

After production, the prefabricated structure, with the advantages of bolt and nut usage and the sliding system, can be installed in a few days. Installation speed is 70% faster than reinforced concrete structures. Massive structures that are needed can be made ready for use within days using the prefabricated building system. Prefabricated structures, which stand out with their safety, long life, and insulation advantages, are frequently preferred over traditional building methods in recent years.

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