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Ataklar Shipping International, Container Office Buildings

Porpuse Of Use Logictic Company Operation Center Storehouse Construction Site
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings One block, two storey
Total Area 576 m²
Project Year 2015
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 35 days
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We completed and delivered construction site container project that will be used in the new storehouse investment building of Ataklar International Transport Inc. Company, one of the transport companies serving mainly to Italy, Greece and the countries of the former Yugoslav community. Our container buildings will serve as container dormitory building in the construction of new storehouse in Halkalı district in order for the company to carry out its logistics activities with a higher capacity.

Worker construction site dormitory building that is built with Karmod new generation container model has the capasity of 184 beds in total. The cection where the workers will stay has 160 beds and there is also one more 24 beds capacity unit next to the that building for the accommodation of architects and engineers.

Construction site mobilization planning have been done by Karmod expertise according to the number of the workers that will take charge in the construction of new storehouse. It has been decided to choose new generation jointed container model for the container construction site building considering intensive use criteria.

Construction site complex Karmod built in Halkalı where the storehouse will be built have been installed with the new generation jointed container model. 24 pieces of 3x7 mt. container unit have been used for the construction site container dormitory project. The container project whose field installation have been made in 6 days and has 576 square meters closed area, have been completed in 35 days after the confirmation.

The ward system located in construction site dormitory building and all of the units like wc and shower have been designed taking into account worker health and safety standards. Ventilating and heating system have been prepared by planning according to person number who will stay in the worker dormitories and in accordance with the criterias. Container wc and shower units have been placed to the every floor considering ergonomic usage conditions. In the project where every container unit is located as ward, the transition hallyway have been designed at the area where the doors are opened reciprocatively. Container wc and shower units have been placed at the two ends of the hallway in both floors. The building insulation have been increased to a better level by applying an extra roof coating on the building.

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