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Purification Facility Construction Site of PWT Wasser

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Buildings
Building Model Sandwich Panel Container
Number Of Buildings 20
Total Area 420 m²
Project Year 2012
Region To Be Used Askabat, Turkmenistan
Completion Time 18 days
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We delivered container construction site buildings ready for use for infrastructure projects of German PWT company that carries out a big projects about waste water infrastructure and purification worldwide.

Karmod purification facility construction site buildings produced with sandwich panel demounted container technology compose of 20 buildings and in a way that including management office, worker dormitory, dining hall, work office and wc shower units. They were installed with jointed container system.

The construction site mobilization we prepared within the project was designed considering future structural developments in Archabil Street in the capital Ashgabat and it will be used for infrastructure works and purification facility building process.

Technical team and other workers who stay at construction site buildings are taking charge in the construction of natural gas distribution internal pipeline sewage system with the drinking water system to develop Archabil district. Along with a modern drinking water pumping station consisting of pump house, clean-up system and three potable water reservoirs, a management building that has analysis laboratory inside of it was built on the 40.000 square meters land.

New Generation Container Buildings are the Best at Open Area Construction Sites

With its sandwich panel system wall and roof, double-glazed windows contributing to insulation, door that provides full closure and doesn’t give passage to any dust or wind, Karmod new generation container provides comfortable work and rest areas to the construction sites where there will be an open area works. Construction site mobilizations where thousands of people stay are delivered ready for use by being installed in a short time with new generation containers and thanks to the ease of screwed and click-fit panel system.

Karmod construction site container poduced in international labour standards and considering occupational health and safety criterias, offer fully safe areas against fire, which is one of the biggest problems in construction sites in addition to the comfortable living areas.

Electric wiring system is prepared by projecting in all standard units and special projects. The best materials are used from cables to fuses, from switches to armatures for the safety of building. Electric cables are gathered at the main fuse by connecting with special electric terminals. The fuses are preferred at full ampere and practical electric current for the perfect safety.

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