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Industrial Site Construction Site Structures

Porpuse Of Use Industrial Site Construction Site
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 2 Block
Total Area 690 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 21 Days
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Bulvar 9 Industrial Site project chose Karmod's new generation containers as its construction site structures

With its new generation ergonomics, fast installation, and cost-effectiveness, Karmod continues to be the first choice for construction site structures in many fields. Our ready-to-use dormitory and dining hall structures, which were produced and installed, will be used by the site workers of the project, which has a closed construction area of 84,326 square meters.

60-person container dormitory ready in 14 days

Karmod's expertise has prepared a 60-person capacity container dormitory and dining hall building for the Bulvar 9 Industrial Site project. Thanks to the advantages of the new generation container, the installation of the dormitory building was completed in 14 days, while the 60-person capacity dining hall building was put into use in just 7 days.

The dormitory building, prepared using 3x7 container units, was designed as a two-story building. While 15 units were planned as dormitory rooms, 4 units were arranged as WC showers, and 1 unit as a laundry room. The container dormitory, with a total area of 564 m² including the hallway, was designed with rooms arranged on both sides. WC and shower units were placed at both ends of the hallway. The dormitory rooms were specially designed according to international labor and occupational health standards, taking into account room air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, and ergonomic usage.

Two separate WC containers in the KWD 7 model contain a total of 14 toilets, each containing 7 units. There are also hand washing basins in the units. Two containers containing shower cabins have a total of 14 cabins, as in the WC models.

The laundry room, located inside the container dormitory, aims to meet the laundry washing needs of the staff in an ergonomic way. Clean and waste water drains were placed in the laundry room according to the intensive use of the interior.

60-person container dining hall ready in 7 days

The 60-person dining hall building for the Bulvar 9 Industrial Site project, built by Volis Engineering, was installed and put into service in just 7 days. The workers working in the industrial site enjoy special flavors prepared for them while relaxing in the container dining hall.

Esenyurt Bulvar 9 Industrial Site

The Bulvar 9 Industrial Site project is being built on Alkop Street in Akçaburgaz Neighborhood, Esenyurt district of Istanbul, in partnership with Volis Engineering and Güldallar Construction. Bulvar 9 Industrial Site, which hosts 113 different workplaces in a closed construction area of 84,326 m² on a 37,269 m² plot, aims to bring a new breath to modern industry in Esenyurt, one of Istanbul's central districts of industry. Bulvar 9 Industrial Site aims to be one of the best examples of horizontal and modern industry with its location, concept, and architectural structure.

With Bulvar 9 Industrial, it will be possible to enjoy the privileges of trading on a very wide boulevard without being in the midst of the city's chaos, without being cramped in narrow streets, and with extremely comfortable entrance and exit opportunities. The project is being carried out in the region where Esenyurt's transportation opportunities are the most comfortable. Unlike traditional industrial structures, internal roads, commercial unit facades, and all truck passages will be provided completely outdoors. In Bulvar 9 Industrial Site, business spaces that can be customized according to needs can be created with horizontal and vertical growing commercial units. The project also targets the logistics sector, with units with high carrying capacity, wide column spacing, and ceiling heights for logistics enterprises. 

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