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Immigration Offices in Katsina, Nigeria

Porpuse Of Use Migrant Shelter in Niger Border
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 18 individual buildings
Total Area 399 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Nigeria
Completion Time 15 Days
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We have established Immigrant Shelters with our New Generation Container structures. in Katsina state of Nigeria, one of the West African countries. The technical preparation of the project was prepared by the Karmod Nigeria Office, and pre-production was carried out in modern facilities in Istanbul. After the production, structures were sent as disassembled to the installation site. The refugee shelters established in the area close to the Niger border will be used by the Nigerian Immigration Office. 48 migrants will be able to accommodate at the same time in the buildings, which consists of independent units of 3x7 meters in size.

The prominent feature of the project is the use of fully disassembled 3x7 container units. While it is not possible to transport large units with a size of 230x595 cm in seaway container transportation standards, the fully demounted Karmod new generation container has a solution to this problem and prepared larger living spaces for this project. The new generation container can be loaded in full demounted bulk, allowing 3x7 units to be transported at international shipping standards. This technology also provides an important advantage, such as the preparation of spaces that are at least 50 percent larger (7 square meters).

In the container building project we completed in Katsina for the Immigration Office, 18 different buildings were installed using a total of 19 container units. 12 units with a usage area of 21 square meters are allocated to immigrants. All 4 units will be used by the administrative staff working in the Katsina Immigration Office, and separate WC and shower cabins have been planned for the units. Thanks to the convenience provided by the screw and plug-in container structure system, two units were brought together and a combined container office structure of 42 m2 in total was prepared.

The region where we implemented the Container Immigration Office project is located at the border of the country to Niger. Every year, many people as immigrants from Niger enter Nigeria illegally in order to find a job in Nigeria or find ways to reach Europe through the country. Within the project, it was aimed to prepare living spaces in humanitarian conditions with the buildings where they will be temporarily accommodated.

Together with our Karmod Nigeria Office, we have carried out many projects throughout the country. We have carried out many projects from military camps to refugee camps, from hospital buildings to mobile schools, to prominent institutions such as the UN and UNICEF. 

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