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Ilamet Metal Factory Annex Buildings

Porpuse Of Use The factory office and cafeteria buildings
Building Model Panel Sistem Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 2 Block
Total Area 664 m² (418 + 246 m²)
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Kocaeli – Turkey
Completion Time 18 Days
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The factory office and cafeteria buildings were constructed using prefabricated building solutions

The creation of comfortable working and resting environments in factory production facilities is extremely important in increasing efficiency. Therefore, work and rest areas such as offices and dining halls are designed separately from the main factory building. Independent management offices and dining halls provide comfortable spaces. Especially considering the noisy production environment, the importance of office comfort becomes even more apparent.

Prefab office saves time and Money

Prefabricated buildings, which can be independently designed and built near industrial production facilities, save time and budget. With a safe and long-lasting modern architecture, prefab office buildings are creating efficient working environments for factory managements. Ilamet Metal's prefabricated office building, located near the Istanbul border of Kocaeli, is one of these examples. As a sector that shapes iron in an industrial sense, Ilamet Metal has a noisy factory facility. Iron materials go through many stages such as cutting, bending, shaping, melting, cooling, breaking, and filling in the facility. Therefore, they have a noisy environment for shaping hard iron within the main building. A management and working office building to be established inside the main factory building was not found to be suitable for focusing on work. Instead, a management and working office building was designed by Karmod's expertise right next to the main factory building using a prefabricated building model. The two-story office building is 418 m2 in size and was designed in a two-story plan. The ground floor includes a large reception hall along with offices for finance, accounting, and sales teams. The kitchen and toilet areas are also located on this floor. The upper floor of the prefabricated office features a manager's room and a meeting room.

Ilamet Metal's office building was manufactured quickly in Karmod's modern production facilities. Like all of Karmod's structures, the prefabricated office building produced under the project was prepared using a welding-free bolt-nut technology. The office structure, from walls to roof, from doors to windows, and from electrical and plumbing materials, were all prepared in the factory and shipped to the Ilamet Metal facilities for installation. The two-story office building, along with a single-story cafeteria building, which has a total closed area of 664 m2, were installed and delivered in just 18 days.

There is a lively space in the prefabricated dining hall along with delicious meals

One of the buildings constructed by Karmod for Ilamet Metal is the cafeteria building. The cafeteria building, which was produced and built with the prefabricated building system, is single-story and has a size of 246 m2. The cafeteria can serve up to 123 people at the same time. The catering service provides the meals in the building. There is a section in the back with equipment such as plates for the ready-made meal service. Dishwashers are also located in this section. Factory employees enter the cafeteria from a different entrance and pick up their meals from the counter located in the adjacent area. During meal times in the prefabricated cafeteria, the delicious food creates a pleasant atmosphere for a friendly conversation.

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