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Baharyaka Housing Project Construction Site Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Office
Building Model Panel System Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Two-Storey Block
Total Area 225 m2
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Istanbul – Türkiye
Completion Time 13 Days
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New mass housing project in the center of history

One of the first districts that come to mind when Istanbul is mentioned is Eyüp. Eyüpsultan has a fascinating beauty with its historical importance and unique views overlooking the Golden Horn. Baharyaka housing project is realized in Eyüpsultan for those who desire a life in historical beauties. Built by Oferka, the project includes 650 exclusive residences.

The office building to be used in the construction process of Baharyaka, one of the favourite projects of the historical place, was produced with Karmod expertise and installed. A panel system prefabricated building model was used in the office building, which was designed as a two-storey building. The office building is built on a 112.5 m² floor and has a total usage area of 225 m².

In the largest interior prefabricated office buildings

Advantages such as safe building model, fast production and installation, affordable budget are among the main advantages of prefabricated structures. However, there is another important difference that makes the prefabricated building system superior. This difference is the ergonomics of use in prefabricated buildings. As it is known, gigantic columns and beams occupy an important place in classical reinforced concrete-style buildings. These applications, which are a necessity in terms of building safety, cause serious contractions in the interior. This situation causes contractions up to 30 percent from the floor of the building when the interior space is switched to classical buildings. However, the structural safety of prefabricated buildings is ensured by special steel carriers. These steels with very high strength take up very little physical space. In prefabricated buildings, this turns into an important advantage in the interior. Prefabricated buildings are the building model that has the least difference between the exterior dimensions of the building and the interior dimensions. The carrier systems, which take up very little space, are reflected in the prefabricated building as comfort. The width in the interior is reflected in the ergonomics of use and provides comfort.

225 m2 prefabricated office is ready within few days

The installation of the office building designed and produced with Karmod expertise for the Baharkaya housing project was completed in just 13 days. A great contribution was made to start the project on time with the fast installation.

About Baharyaka Housing Project

Within the scope of Baharyaka housing project realized by Oferka İnşaat in Eyüpsultan, 593 houses will be produced. In the project, flat alternatives with special sizes for different expectations stand out. Plans of 92 to 135 m² sizes are offered for the flats with 2+1 rooms. In the same way, there are two different alternatives, 130 and 160 m², in 3+1-room apartments. Again, offered in the luxury apartment category, it has been designed in alternatives of 228 to 290 m² in 4+1 rooms and 300 to 357 m² in 5+1 rooms.

Considering the historical silhouette of Baharyaka Eyüpsultan, it is limited to 8 floors. There are 27 blocks in the project. The project comes to life with a view of the Golden Horn on a 20.800 m² land with the slogan of 'the new side of spring'.

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