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Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Project

Porpuse Of Use Campsite Cafeteria and Restroom Buildings
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 7 Block
Total Area 74 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Completion Time 12 Days
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Karmod's New Generation in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Karmod's new generation container has been chosen as the preferred building model in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, known for its natural beauty and hot springs, located in the largest city and capital of Mongolia. The structures, which provide accommodation by setting up tents for tourists who come to the area, consist of six separate WC shower units in addition to the main cafeteria building.

Cafeteria building put into service within hours

The first building to be installed as part of the project was the cafeteria building. The structure was produced with Karmod's new generation container model with a combined design. The project used three units with measurements of 230x6 in the cafeteria container building. The containers, which were demounted using Karmod's modern facilities and new generation building technology, were transported to the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park by road transport. The 42 m² cafeteria building was ready for service the day after the installation began. The front area of the building, covering 28 m², is used as a cafeteria, while the back area includes a kitchen and a staff WC. With the opening of the new cafeteria building, new opportunities were provided for tourists who came to the area to camp and stay overnight. In this area, which provides 24-hour service, tourists can have coffee and tea, as well as snacks to eat.

WC buildings suitable for the concept of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Toilets and showers were significant problems for those staying in the national park, known for its natural beauty. The Ministry of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia chose Karmod's new generation container for a structure that is suitable for the park's natural concept. In this context, in addition to the cafeteria building, six separate toilet container units were produced and placed in different areas planned within the park. The toilet container structures were specially designed with measurements of 230x230. Each unit has handwashing basins first when entering. Inside, there is one WC and one shower unit with separate doors. With the mobile unit concept, Karmod's new generation container can be easily placed anywhere without the need for concrete. Ready-to-use toilet, shower, and sink units can be put into service on the same day. Storage can be integrated into the structure for clean water needs in park areas. At the same time, the septic storage tank can be adapted to the structure for waste disposal. The metal parts of the sandwich panel system structure, from the wall to the roof, can be used without any damage, even under harsh winter conditions, thanks to its special durable painted system.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, located in the capital Ulanbator, covers an area of 292,000 hectares. It is famous for its natural beauty, camping areas, and hot springs. The park was opened in 1993 with the arrangements made by the Ministry of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia. Campgrounds are located in the Terelj tourist region within the national park.

After turning left 37 km east from the city center of Ulanbator, the national park area begins after crossing the Tuul River, which is 5 km away. After the lake, the first area reached is Gorkhiin Davaa, where most tourist camps and sightseeing areas are located. The Gorkhi-Terelj National Park ends in the Terelj settlement. Terelj region is 66 km away from the city center of Ulanbator and is located in the Terelj River in this valley.

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