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AYJET Flight School Container Office Project

Porpuse Of Use Air Training Office
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 42 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul – Turkey
Completion Time 1 Day
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Ayjet Flight School Container Office

We built a container office building at Ayjet Flight School, which trains future pilot candidates with the slogan of “The Right Address in Flight Training”. The office building established on the company's campus located in Istanbul Çatalca Hezarfen Airport will be used for training services. Two 21 m2 containers were used for the project where 3x7 container units were used. Two separate units, ready for use at the factory, were loaded onto a single truck and shipped to the Hezarfen airport apron . The units, which were unloaded from the vehicle with the help of a crane, were put on top of each other and made ready for use in about two hours.

Container Office is the most advantageous with its practical use

Container is the most practical building solution for all kinds of office needs of different sectors. It is produced in units of the desired size in modern facilities. It is easily shipped by vehicle and assembled on the same day and made ready for use. Starting from 21 m2, hundreds of square meters of container office buildings can be produced by projecting. For installation, it is sufficient to prepare a smooth floor concrete of minimum thickness. Containers can be installed by placing carrier metal or concrete blocks at the bottom in areas of use that do not have a concrete permit. The container office, which has a long-lasting construction system, also has the superior insulation feature with its new generation production. With the lowest air-conditioning energy use, it saves the budget..

About AYJET Flight School

AYJET Flight School is a flight training company based in Istanbul. Flight instructors are generally selected from pilots and instructors who have retired from the Turkish Air Force. Its trainers consist of personnel who have served as pilots for many years in different airline companies. The flight school offers the opportunity to transfer all the experience and knowledge of captain pilots who have worked in the Air Force and international airline companies to its trainees.

AYJET implements the rules and standards set by national and international aviation authorities in flight training with its experienced and knowledgeable staff. In addition, it raises the level of quality with its own developed standards and practices.

AYJET Flight School has Modular ATPL(A), ATPL(A) Integrated and Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) authorizations applied in airline pilot training. AYJET, whose head office is located in Bakırköy district of Istanbul, carries out its trainings at Çatalca Hezarfen Airport, Kocaseyit Airport located in Balıkesir Edremit district , Muğla Dalaman Airport, Çorlu Airport and Bursa Yenişehir Airports .

AYJET Flight School, which stands out with its experience in pilot training, gave its 103rd term graduates on June 4, 2022. The company completes the training of 15 to 20 young pilots on average every two months and brings them to the Turkish aviation industry. AYJET Flight School graduated a total of 1565 pilots, including June 2022. 1320 of the grade pilots have started their duties in the cockpit of airline companies. The company makes pilot training agreements with the leading airline companies of our country. AYJET carried out a job-guaranteed MPL pilot training program with Pegasus Airlines.

The company also provides training to the air force personnel of the national armies. In this context, AYJET carried out its 115th term training for Rwandan Air Force personnel. Rwanda Air Force flight students received their PPL(A) theory training at the company's Ataköy facilities, and then their practical flight training at Balıkesir Edremit Kocaseyit. They were completed at the airport.

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