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Emergency Disaster Earthquake Shelters

Porpuse Of Use Container Disaster Houses
Building Model Container Disaster Houses
Number Of Buildings Single Storey Building
Total Area 2310 m²
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Elazığ, Turkey
Completion Time 12 days
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We have sent 110 container houses to the area after Elazig earthquake.

We’ve lost our 41 citizens, almost 1500 citizens have got injured in Elazig earthquake that was occured in January 2020. Many of our citizens have remained homeless as their houses have got damaged or broke down. As Karmod, we produced and sent 110 container buildings to the area in 12 days for contributing to housing need arised after the earthquake. Each of our houses that was sent as ready for use has been a nest for a family.

Our earthquake container houses that have sandwich panel system from walls to roof offered a warm home environment to our families in even the coldest days of winter. There are toilet and kitchen sink in our two-room calamity houses where there is shower tube.

Rotproof and rustproof metal chassis are used in the main undercarriages of our earthquake houses prepared with the new generation container technology developed by Karmod R&D. Special panel system and double-glazed doors that are preferred in thoroughly locked windows maximize the energy conservation by contributing the insulation in the building. Our buildings that are painted with the painting system preferred in automotive industry are being used permanently.

Container is there for victims at the natural disasters

Container house that has fast production advantage is meeting the housing need arised after the natural disasters like volcanic eruption, avalanche falling, landslide, fire, flood, erathquake. And it contributes the reliefing in a short time. New generation container house prodives a house comfort to disaster victims with its leakproof roof advantage and insulation comfort provided by sandwich panel wall and roof system and with its so many superiorities. Modern prefab container house supports the victims who go through a trauma of being homeless recently and provides the comfort of their own home to them.

Ready for Use Two Bedroom House

We run so many projects with our 1 and 2 Bedroom ready for use container house models specially designed with Karmod expertise for quickly closing the housing gap after the disaster.

Container houses used as urgent settlement unit after the disaster have plan alternatives from  starting 21 square meters to 27, 36 and 42 square meters. There are container toilet and shower in our one or two bedroom mobile container house units.

Sinks, shower tubes, toilet bowls, basin mixer and shower phone of the container toilet units are manufactured in a way that waste and clean water fitting system can connect to arterial.

Electric wiring of our container house model is prepared in a way that can be used immediately by making main line connection. Socket, switch, lighting kits are mounted as ready for use.

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