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EIA Erbil International Airport Security Cabins

Porpuse Of Use Airport Security Cabins
Building Model FRP Cabinet
Number Of Buildings 8 units of 150x150 / 8 units of 150x215
Total Area 44 m2
Project Year 2010
Region To Be Used Erbil - Iraq
Completion Time Ready-to-use Concept Production
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Karmod Was Chosen For The Security Cabins At EIA Erbil International Airport.

Karmod was chosen for the security cabin solution at Erbil International Airport, one of the major airports in the Middle East serving 270 different destinations. Karmod security cabins were installed at the security checkpoints around the airport premises.

As part of the project, a total of 16 structures were manufactured, including 8 units of 150x150 and 8 units of 150x215 dimensions. The security cabins were produced using modern facilities and CTP (Composite Panel Technology), and they were transported to Erbil Airport via road transportation using trucks. The security cabins were promptly installed and put into service on the same day at the designated locations.

Where Are Airport Security Cabins Used?

Erbil Airport, where over 190,000 aircraft take off and land annually, serves over 16 million passengers. Therefore, the security of the airport is of utmost importance. The new terminal building of the airport, constructed by Turkish company Makyol Cengiz Construction, relies on the personnel working in these security cabins to ensure the safety of the airport. Police checkpoints at the airport are among the main areas where the security cabins are used. Additionally, some of the cabins are used by private security personnel. Two cabins have been deployed in the airport parking lot.

Air-Conditioned Security Cabins

All CTP security cabins at Erbil Airport are equipped with air conditioning. Particularly during the scorching heat of summer, efforts are made to ensure the most ergonomic working conditions for the personnel. The wall system of Karmod's CTP sandwich panel security cabin, which allows for the installation of air conditioning, is reinforced for extra strength. The specially designed wall panel allows for the secure installation of air conditioners. The electrical installation of the security cabin is specially designed according to the use of air conditioning and similar devices. The installation process is completed at Karmod's modern production facilities after passing through quality control stages. After undergoing final testing, the security cabins are made ready for shipment.

Best Climate Control For Security Personnel In Scorching Heat

With the implementation of air conditioning, the security cabins at Erbil Airport have achieved optimal climate control and ergonomic comfort. The highly insulated cabins can be easily cooled during the scorching heat of summer with the support of air conditioning. The security personnel can enjoy a cool working environment even in extreme heat. Furthermore, the cooled interior space maintains its coolness for an extended period. The air conditioners provide efficient cooling with minimal energy consumption, making the work of the security personnel easier.

Erbil International Airport

Located near the city center, Erbil International Airport operates with the code EBL. The airport is situated in Erbil, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and is managed by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Initially constructed in the early 1970s, the airport was used as an Iraqi military base until 1991. After the 2003 Iraq War, the Kurdistan Regional Government took control of the region, including the airport. The regional government focused on developing the airport through new investments.

Construction of the airport began on July 1, 2003, and the first flight took place on December 15, 2003. Erbil International Airport was officially opened on April 29, 2005, and received the ICAO code "ORER" on May 26, 2005. Due to an increase in passenger and aircraft numbers, the Kurdistan Regional Government decided to build a new terminal and runway. The new terminal building was designed by Scott Wilson Group and was completed in 2010 by the Turkish company Makyol Cengiz İnşaat. With a runway measuring 4,800 x 75 meters (15,748 x 246 ft), Erbil Airport has one of the longest runways in the world.

Currently, Erbil International Airport provides flights to 270 different destinations. With over 190,000 flights annually, the airport serves more than 16 million passengers.

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