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Additional Service Building for Two Schools in Gümüşhane

Porpuse Of Use Gümüşhane Anatolian İmam Hatip High School and Kelt High School Additional Service Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building System
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 7 classrooms
Project Year 2012
Region To Be Used Gümüşhane, Turkey
Completion Time 15 days
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As Karmod, we put two different prefabricated school additional service building in to service of education in Keltkit, district our city Gümüşhane.

The additional service buildings which contribute to meet the urgent need of Gümüşhane Anatolian İmam Hatip High School were built and delivered by Karmod. Before the new Education year a high demand in İmam Hatip High School caused the need of classroom come out. By this high demand, The City Directorate of National Education reported  the situation to Governship of Gümüşhane  so as to meet the need. The governorship taking action to meet the school needs urgently solved the problem as soon as possible  and decided to built 7 classroomed prefabricated school building in order to rush for the new academic year.

After the decision, the building proccess started by Karmod’s offer for the 7 classroomed prefabricated building in the Aysın Rafet Ataç Primary School garden which is planned to be transferred to the Union for the Delivery of Services to Villages from the contribution of the Special Provincial Administration budget to the National Education.

By the help of Karmod technical office, the project prepared in a short time was presented and production started after the approval phase was completed. After pre-production, the prefabricated school building was completed and delivered in just 15 days by Karmod experts. There are 7 classrooms, one teachers room and 6 bathrooms in the additional school building which  will be used by Gümüşhane Anatolian  İmam Hatip High School.

An other prefabricated school building was built for Kelkit High School. As a result of the collapse in the old school building, it was decided to build an additional service building for the Kelkit High School, which was destroyed. Kelkit High School Additional Building was also completed and delivered in only 15 days.

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